Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello, I'm 17 years old from Israel

Hello. I'm from Northen of Israel and living in small town called Kiryat Motzkin(Near by Haifa and Nahariya).
I'd like to say it's horrible why people must suffer because of such little group in both sides of the boarder. We can see Hamas, which is using his people as human shield or same about Hizbollah.
Such small cells cause our problems, BIG problems. Insecure country or something terrifying you because you know its matter of time till the next war (isn't?). I think the main problem of our country that people may think that Israel's goal is to kill Islam. Which is not true AT ALL. We fight to live, we got this country because we were deserved it and we didn't do anything deliberate or some mass killing because we wanted to. We had to in order to survive, after the terrifying years between 1933-1945 something had to change. But lets get back to the main subject, it's our situation.
As you can guys can hear in news Israel is always been shown as the bad side and were shown as "blood thirsty" which is not true.
We were attacked. U.N that should take some areas and the Lebanese Army which was not displayed in the southren boarder caused Hizbollah to grow up and becoming real threat to them and us (Israel and Lebanon). I know the Lebanese people suffer as much as we do everyday, we just have better protection something that the Lebanese government didn't take care at all and it called Neglecting (Of years!). We might have protection but the life is not going on as the last 6 years. Everything has changed we can't get back to the routine. My mother can't work because she can't. She's working at some high building in Haifa of Minhal Karkaei Israel (I don't know how to translate it). And it's not safe so she's not working. Although , today she came for work probably tomorrow she won't (Who hasn't heard of the up coming attack of Israel?).
My father works in safe place near by my town and I don't know the exact details about it.
Those days stopped my routine and caused me to delay my driving lesson teaching and that's such a bad thing for me. All my life stopped and I was sleeping sometimes in Bombs' Shelter or hardly walking out for fresh air. We all want peace. But, The terror organizations it's their work to ruin everything that's been built. I hear about the horror that the Lebanese people is going on with it's sad too. And it's such of same they suffer not because of their fault - Truly sad.
I hope that the 2 Israeli Kidnapped Soldiers will return home, I hope that Hizbollah and Syria and Iran whose support him their regime will be GONE.
To think that Iran was good ally of Israel about 30 years ago, that's amazing how the world changes. Hizbollah tried yesterday to add Syria to the war against us(Israel) by planting some explosives near our patrol. Few things that I would like to ask: 1. Why the Lebanese people say they don't support Hizbollah while in many places they came up with Hizbollah's Flags?
2. Why you guys condemb Israel instead of Hizbollah which caused this situation?
3. Why you guys don't believe we're doing the right thing?
4. Do you care about us????

1 thing I'd like to add is that my willing is to learn French too, I'll be happy with any kind of help. That's all for today, I might update in the evening. Good day and peace you all.


Blogger Chas said...

Hello Katalan from Chas in Texas, USA. Welcome to the world of blogging. Your English is very good!

If you visit my humble blog, you will see that I'm a friend of Israel, as are most people in the United States. Like you, I can't understand how the world sees this war as anything other than Israel defending herself from Hizb'allah terrorists.

Remember, you are not alone. The people of the United States stand with you in the global fight against Islamo-fasism. Shalom

2:16 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Oh, in case you don't know how blogger works, just click on my name Chas or the picture. Stay safe!

7:59 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Thanks for the support. I'm more worried about my Grammar.
I'm about to post an another post about this morning. I'll do all these stuff later on(about pictures).
I hope I haven't forgotten to write border instead of boarder -.-

11:14 AM  
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