Saturday, September 01, 2007

South Korea have paid ransom to the terrorists.....

Major people in the Taliban have said that South Korea did pay a nice ransom of more than 20 million dollars in order to release 19 passengers that were hijacked.

On the other hand, South Korea denies of course any contact to that. I got to say it's kind of thing you can't avoid of doing. 20 millions USD out of developed country is nothing for 19 passengers. I can be sure that the British journalist who was released, Hamas gained a nice check for that too.

The families of the South Korean people who were hijacked(22 at generally) - crying about the love ones and waiting for any news. AT the end, all of them were happy I can guess.

Anyway, the hijacking things lately going on reminds me other thing. Yasser Arafat in the PLO organization who were hijacking planes as a living....(Gained nice payment for each one you can be sure).

It's the new business in our world today.

Giving terrorists money won't stop the attempts to kidnap and especially won't stop the development of those organizations. The money ideal is just a temporary solution - not long term one. I'd like to say to any government not to give in, better to lose 100 passengers than losing way more by giving ransom. People don't think enough on the further solutions like special forces(Entebbe Operation is just a small example of that, if you guys looking what am I talking about check this out -

Israel should not(and hopefully won't) give away any terrorists for our soldiers, I can assume they are not in the living and even though the pain. The pain will grow as the stupidity and ironically will blow.

Till next time.....

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Year After The War.........

Well, more than a year and 1 month or two had gone since the 2nd Lebanon War(Or call it whatever you'd like).

What did I learn? What do I think we all should be recognize with? What do I feel afterwards....

I think I have learned a lot more than 12 years in school. You learn about how to deal with anxiety, to see what's your own mental limits, to see a different view you've had so far. The first war that I was brought into was the 1st Golf War which I was 2 and a half years old and my mom and dad told me stories about how was it.

Anyway, I have learned that I got big heart more than I ever thought, the willing to bring happiness to other people, to help, to even be a psychological for small children who had a bit trauma out of the war - to be a friend.
One more important thing is that I will keep with me is the my mental spirit while Katyusha alert or fell - my heart stayed cold and I didn't get into panic and managed only thinking of helping and getting a real responsibility.
I've learned that not everybody hates my country, people recognize it and some support which I managed to contact to people here through the blogs - it was so kind to hear it.
I almost managed to understand the misunderstanding of the worldwide to the delicate situation which Israel is in in front of. I acknowledge the some of the deliberate hate towards Israel just for rating and to satisfy dark ages of governments.

I think we all should be recognized that nothing has changed much since the war, sadly!
Same with the part that this was justified whether the kidnapped soldiers(Not sure they are still alive) were dead or alive - it had to happen sometime. I hope it will turn the IDF into an alert motion.

I feel especially disappointed that never had changed in Israel policy as much as in the foreign one. Still governments take care of their own ass instead of understand the threat that surrounds them. I can also feel proud that I helped to people. I understood that when I'm in an emergency situation I get a "Cold Heart" and managed to control my feelings and take the right decisions and actions - it's something I will take with me whenever I go.

I wish the world wouldn't be like that but I got to stand up on my feet to say that I AM STILL HERE AND ALWAYS WILL STAY!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Israel has returned the fuel supply to Gaza.

After a very dark night in Gaza due to IDF decision not to let fuel flow in from Israel into Gaza and caused the power station in Gaza to stop working(Which caused to non-electricity night).

Something that maybe nobody that noticed is that there were no Kassam shells while that so called "power break". Very interesting and IDF might look twice while this incident.

Another thing that was up this week is try of under mind Arab guy to kill innocent people in the Holy Land near the western wall. He stole a gun from a security guy(He was with another guy) the security guy chased after him and while it the guy managed to shot and he was only(Luckly) injured in the chest. There was a gun fight going on between the terrorist to the other security guy(10 people injured) at the end the security man managed to pull him off and the terrorist was dead. It was all filmed in the security cameras and some claimed for killing corroboration(Claim was rejected after watching the film).

Some people will never get that this struggle is not about territory, but about religion. People today are too careless about others and when it comes to who right they prefer who is stronger....

Sadly, I hardly heard voices against the Muslims massacre in Iraq and Sudan, but who cares?! U.N? Only involves in the Israeli "innocent killings".

The "Palestinians" still lying and everybody ignores, like about 60 years ago - somethings will never change sadly.

I can't say I gave in about my positions and the believe of "someday it will happen" but I can say I'm getting disappointed time after time. It is a truly cruel world.

Nothing more I can add, I will write shortly as soon as I get time to. The spare time is narrow due to work and girlfriend and so on. I will bring pictures of me and others if I do get the time to.

See you next time I will be writing and keep questioning everything in your life!

Monday, February 12, 2007

The Hezt2 experiment has been successful!

An anti missile, missile called "Hetz2"(Arrow 2 in Hebrew). This rocket is being wanted in the worldwide due to its high-technological and a real defense as anti rocket one.

At the first stage, a rocket was launched from an aircraft the targeted rocket was called "Black Ankor"(Which is like the Iranian rocket - Shihav 3). At the second stage, the Israeli radar Green Oren locates the missile in the air. In the 3rd stage, the "Hetz2" anti missile rocket was launched. And in the end, the 4th stage, the Hetz2 has managed to do its work. In Yedihot Aharonot it's written that the security offices who were watching this experiment; claimed that this experiment was an absolutely perfect performance.

The Hetz2 is an anti missile(ground ones) can hit nuclear missile heads in an amazing accuracy.
Now the real question remains: Would that really work at REAL UPCOMING DANGER?
Only time will say, and I hope it won't be that soon.....

I will bring pictures of that experiment soon!

For another subject:

The building at "Mograbim bridge" was stopped due to the decision of the Mair of Jerusalem, Ori Lopleyanski.

The Mair of Jerusalem and the "wall" Rabi, Rabinovic have reached a decision yesterday about this issue after discussions with religious people from Islam who have an influence.

Lopleyanski has announced that this step was taken due to the reflection and sharing of his people (Jerusalem) in the procession of building this bridge, and to prevent the feeling that it's all about "Israeli underhanded opportunism".

I got to say that's pretty wise considering our Parliament members not mentioning Prime Minister who really surprised me and I actually supported his actions in that subject. He caused Amir Peretz to look so bad in the media because the resistance of Peretz in the middle of the project.

So far, there are only injures in the humble around the building near the "holy place"(3rd in the importance).


Just had to write this.

That's all for now, back to studies...

Monday, February 05, 2007

Israel's Kassam protection in 2 years and a half

It's better soon then never I may say...
Rafael(industry) has developed a new Kassam shield for all around people in the South and especially Sderot. The catch is the time - a lot of time.
Olmert has decided to espouse Peretz's offer about this plan and he added:"Within in a 30 months we'll be able to put anywhere this protective shield against Kassam". An security official added that this new technology is not 100% of hitting the rocket, but it's very efficiently and as well its ranges(of the shield) 50 up to 70 kilometers.

A child in a protest of Sderot people and on the sign written "We are tired of Shachar Adom(Which is the name of the alert from rockets fall because when rockets are spotted you will hear "Shachar Adom". It's an old picture, because today it says "Tzeva Adom"(A red color in English) instead in order not to scare so much the kids.
So shall we say soon that they will be protected? Honestly, I don't think so, although the new technology. The best defense I might say is the offense and it's not being used so much.

What a nice people in the picture huh? They give us soooooooooooooo much love(Probably they express it in rockets).

Monday, January 29, 2007

The best city show is now in our presentational core!

Katzav, the "I blame" man who spoke few days ago on T.V about that he's nothing but an "innocent person" and the media judged him way before the results.
I must say that yes, the media maybe isn't glitters of all gold, but still they've made a point about specific thing that proves to be right!
Katzav behavior shows me the stupidity of a person who only reaches for himself.
Katzav hasn't resigned yet and I'm so ashamed that Israel has such an idiotic person in the presentational stage.
Afterwards, a T.V program called "Eretz Nehederet"(A wonderful country) which is a comedy one about our country. It was funny to see how Katzav being imitated and being fooled there.
Against Katzav there were 10 complains from 10 different women and all of them with the same story. "Katzav used to touch my bobbies and my butt" one of the complainers said.


For our neighbors in the north - the Lebanese people. Nasrallah seems to be in control since Israel has left most of the "occupied territory" and although it, Hizbollah keep pushing the blame on. The Iranian supply from the east seems to be too comfort to give up on it.
Shall we prepare to the next war? or shall we say "let it be". I'm really confused from the situation of being bombed again. If Israel attack, it should be once and for all and not in episodes like the last war. The media made a fortune out of their reports!

Israel should make a change inside out in order to have the right way!

Our fellows in America might leave us too soon since the Democrats are being soft on the terrorists. I'm just afraid like in the last way, Israel will have a limited time to complete its objective. I say to do the war, whatever it takes and however it will be - I will support. The only solution of this situation is do a massive army activity! I got to say since the war I began to hate Dr. Condolisa Rice of her contradiction and her actions. America should let Israel win not lose - if you're letting Israel to do the work - let it all be till the end and not to stop after 30-40 days.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Germany the European Union leader set up for a new law!

Germany that against the Holocaust Deniers' Assembly - is about to use its power as the European Union leader for initiating a new law!

Germany is actually trying revive an old law that being voted out in the last time it was tried to put it on. The law, which means: No using Nazi symbols in the European Union's territory. People who will pass this law will be sent till 3 years in prison.

Well, it's better now than never, right?
I think it's about time, after about 61 years since this disaster ended for some and started for else (After the Holocaust Jews were still chased down by Nazi supporters - especially the Polish people).

The British Historian and Holocaust denier - David Erwing, are you happy now?

Another beautiful song that I've found of Wu Tang Clan. It called: Never Again.
Some Israeli guy who used this song and put up scenes from Sims 2 in order to create the feeling in this song.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

The Sunday Times "Revealed": Israel Plans nuclear strike on Iran.

Second, let me stop laughing!!!!! :)

If Israel do attack, NO ONE WILL KNOW that's for sure as much as the Iraq strike on 1972.
I don't know if Sunday Times counts itself as F.B.I or Mossad.
Anyway, Iran would be attacked sometime, whether it's U.S.A or Israel - destroying the nuclear factories it's matter of time.
The Sunday Times is a well known notorius newspaper.
Israel will always surprise the world about those kind of stuff, especially famous ones....
In conclusion, it's a matter of time till Israel will do something about it and I'm sure the Iranian's President will be voted off anytime soon and someone normal will succeed him.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here I am, back to write. Offiacialy! :)

I know I've been missing for quite long, but I'm back and with a joy I'll write :)

Anyway, as young kids and teenager we were told what's right and what's wrong and as well as the behavior we should act.
It sounds so strange sometimes that we were told to something that's quite rare, whether it's the corruption and whether it's the violence out the street.
The educational system in Israel is quite bad and I'm sorry that since Yitzhak Rabin nobody dares to raise the educational budget. I see the violence, the bad language, things that I wouldn't dare to say to my parents - that's really upset me!

I'll be recruited in about 7 months to the Israel's Army(IDF - Israeli Defensive Forces) and I'm wondering what generation will I see? Is that the generation of hate and confusion?
I've been wondering for so long what am I'm going to be in the Army(Probably sort of a driver, I agreed to get Driving License on the budget of the army).
I know people used to say to me: "Hey, look forward, there must been something better going on in this country", yes, there are things but they're few unlike in the 90's!

The New Year opened with another scandal - Tal Pahima's freedom. The one who gave delicate information about our army in specific locations that were secret. She gave delicate information to Zehereya Zbeydi, from "El Aktza" group and the leader of them in Jenin. She was in prison 3 years instead of 8 and the fact that left wing supporters were happy and were celebrating that's reason to worry, a big one.
It reminds me other story with Vanono, the furnace worker in Dimona. Traitors get treated as heroes after being an outlaw(By the "Human rights" organizations and left wings ones of course).

I see the example the adults give today to our children - bad one.
So where is Israel is going? to war or a self-war? or is that the rage is about to shadow our country? I don't see any TRUE man who really cares about where this country is going.

Hey, but I'm still counted as adolescence and many people do think that I don't understand a thing in country management and political stuff, but hey again, who says that those people in Parliament do know? Well, I guess the answer is on the shoulders of our future. Time goes, time pass and splint second of our life will be gone...

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Sorry for haven't written for so long.

I was quite busy and so on I'm back here!
I'll start updating again from tomorrow!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Dr. Wafa Sultan will arrive soon to Israel!

Today, Yedihot Aharonot (The biggest Israeli newspaper) noticed that Dr. Wafa Sultan the Internet video star that attacked the Islam is on her way to Israel!
First of all if anyone is interested in this newspaper (It has its own website even in English) the address is:
(Translating from the newspaper of today):
After rising up herself against the Muslim World, Dr. Wafa Sultan plans to visit in Israel.
Sultan, who caused chaos one year ago in an interview to Al-Jazeera, She attacked the Islam. She met the General Console of Israel in Los Angeles and Ehod Danoh and she accepted to visit in Israel. Sultan that emigrated from Syria in 1989, told to Denoh about the brainwash that the citizens of Syria are being through about Israel and to the Jews. She feels that the conflict in the Middle East isn't political one but religious one. "The problem itself is in the Islam and in the Koran. Sultan mentioned that she asked a Palestinian Parliament member a hypothetical question: If all the Jews would transform their religion to Islam, will you still have a problem with Israel? His answer was yes.
Sultan told to the General Console about her book that will come out soon, its title and its information (In the book) should be no doubt to rise up the Muslim world even further. "It's quite obvious that they want to kill me" she added. The General Console and Dr. Sultan have agreed to keep their connection that was created between them.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Shirack: Israel must stop the flying around Lebanon.

His Secretary of Defense (Of France) added that the French soldiers might shoot the Israeli aircrafts.

The Secretary of Defense with a big smile upon her face.
They of course added that Israel violated the decision 1701 of the Security Console.
Well, I didn't see yet U.N soldiers prevent from ammunition to arrive from Iran through Syria what a great army! My friend said as a joke that:"They probably hate us because Israel has beaten the youth French team and qualified or Maccabi Haifa winning the French team Auxourre."
Uh well, if France don't let us to attack again (It's essensial), we'll have to beat them again after all...

Good day to all except terrorists.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

North Korea: We're considering to stop nuclear development

First of all, I apologize that I haven't written for few days since my computer suffered some viruses and Trojan Horses. I've fixed all thanks to my Kaspersky's Anti-Virus and Internet Security.

Now, for the North Korea part....

Russian Diplomat have said after long talking between Russian Diplomats to North Korea Diplomats that North Korea is will to stop the development of Nuclear ability.

Kim Jong-Il, Are you sure you're heading towards peace?

Kim Jong-Il with U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright in 2000.

So shall we say cheers?

Uh, I've almost forgot. Today, IDF reports information about 6 Millions Dollars for Anti-Tank-Missiles that have been delivered through the Egypt to Gaza within this week.

Hamas is heading for peace? Hamas keeps spiting on Israel and U.Ns faces.
I'm so "charmed" by U.N activity with the North-Korea issue that suddenly they ignore (Yet again) from the equipment that being delivered through Egypt patrol.

What a wonderful world do we have...Right?

Good day to all except terrorists!

Monday, October 09, 2006

Wafa Sultan - Arguing with Algerian guy.

The one and only: Wafa Sultan the Ex-Muslim woman. She's a psychologist from Los Angeles and her origin is Syrian. Here's an interview between one who counts himself as a Professor of Religious Politics vs. just simple person from the West with a brain on her shoulders.
My question is: Who do you believe? My opinion? Wafa Sultan. GO WAFA!!! :)

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Assad: Syria is well prepared for an Israeli attack.

Yesterday, Assad said that "Syria is well prepared to an Israeli attack on his country". Assad, said that again after all Israel's rejects to his offer to give up on the Golan Heights.
How pathetic could Assad be? Well, I can ensure you all that he's not as wise as his father was.

Assad, where's your smile? Show us some love you!

As you guys know (Or not) Assad means lion in Arabic. Well, this lion is hungry for territory and not hungry for sense.

I'll add more details on other subject later on.

Till then:

Good day to all except terrorists.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Soccut Holiday has began wonder chance to remember about our land.

The Jews Took No One's Land

As we all know, the Jewish people haven't taken anybody's land but yet there are to say else. This video is no Bible stories just pure and simple facts and amazing old pictures. It worth a watch - definitely
I might add some more to remind you all!

For another:
The Media of Terrorism

An another video about inside of what the children of Palestine see. Do you want people die on your T.V? REAL TIME? Well, their children got used to it. Say Allahu Akbar for more blasting videos (That's how it goes in their territory?)It's more about the Arab Media. ermm... The time is keep ticking and I better go!

Soccut holiday began in Israel and lets hope for the best.

Good day to all except terrorists.

Monday, October 02, 2006


It's the 1st article out of few Ben-Dror wrote and it was translated by Israeli man.
No, I didn't translate it but it is all right. The 2nd article from this series will be translated soon by the same guy - and as well be published!
The 1st article with its title is: The world is silent.
The 2nd, which will be published soon by me!
I request to any honorable man to post this link. I'll be glad!
That thing may put some knowledge on others' people hands.

For the original article (1st from the series that Ben-Dror will write) in Hebrew:
For translated article( To English):

For 2nd article in this series (In Hebrew only for now):

Translated link to English:

Good day to all except terrorists!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today is Yom Kippur. The holiday & and the war in 73'.

For the holiday:
Today from 17:00 (+2GMT in Israel) till around 18:00 of the next day people won't eat, drink and do something unusual. Some may not allow that to themselves (Like I can't), some may not obey to this Jewish day but everyone with his beliefs. On this day, people can't drive (Unless it's urgent something like emergency services). And of course, our soldiers won't do this because without them - we wouldn't be alive here - today. All the transportation will be stopped except for children whom can't do this thing yet (The minimum age is 13) will drive on their small bikes.
The thing that symbolizes the enterance of this day is of course the sound of the Shofar (It symbolizes its end too).

A portrait from 1878 of people in Synagogue - praying on Kippur day. You can find this picture in Tel Aviv Museum of Art too. For the portrait itself: The artist's self portrait is standing to the right of the seated rabbi, looking outwards. The inscription on the Torah scroll says "Donated in memory of our late honored teacher and rabbi Moshe Gottlieb of blessed memory 1878." The artist has depicted himself and his wife at various stages of life.

Syrian tanks at Israeli anti-tank ditch in the Golan. A tank, hit by Israeli fire, has fallen off one of the two bridges the Syrians laid across the ditch. Another knocked out tank lies in the ditch. To the left is the roadway the Syrians later succeeded in opening through the barrier.

And for the war that occurred in 1973:
It was another usual Yom Kippur on October 26, 1973.
This war was unprovoked by 4 Arab Nations (Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria) and this is why it took us - the Israelis many life!
2,656 killed, 7,250 wounded that was the cost except for the tanks and all the war machines that were destroyed. This war is still well remembered in Israel and this is why it won't happen again!
Furthermore, Israel could avoid all this by listening to the Jordanian king that Arab nations are about to attack him (He joined this war because of pressure on him).
I must recommend on Wikipedia's article that gives full information about this war and I was both enjoyed and sad to read it!

Good day to all except terrorists!

Friday, September 29, 2006

John Reid: We won't give up to extremists.

The home secretary of U.K, John Reid said that yesterday. Furthermore, he said: "There'd be no areas that U.K won't pull its hand on the extremists. There'll be no compromise with terrorists! I'll keep visiting Muslims neighborhoods in the U.K. The terrorists and their protectors won't avoid me from struggling those terrorists. There'll be no such a thing that some areas you won't be able to say your opinion".

John Reid pulls out his finger and guess against who...

It's so nice to hear after all these years something against those who try to destruct you.
I might say, I was pretty surprised after I read an article from Israeli website about what he had said.
Anyway, I hope he'd keep doing his wonderful job so far.
Uh, and by the way, he had said that after a protest against him (Last week) because of his opinion. You people don’t need to wonder whom were those people that protested.
The Muslims people worldwide (Most) use their influence from inside to make their country to Muslim one. Sad, but true.

Good day to all except terrorists.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

IDF pulls out from Lebanon(Again).

Today, IDF gave the Lebanese territory to the hands of UNIFIL.
It's 90% of the territory and the other 10% will be given soon too.
I don't know how long will this be - this silent. There are many predictors who try to predict when the ring of the 2nd round will be ringed.
Hizbollah is near by the patrol and I don't know why IDF doesn't do anything about it. I'm just wondering in the next war, who will support us? U.S.A? I don't think it's enough I must say. Because the Arab nations are getting stronger while we, the Israelis are being weakened by repeatable wars. I don't know how long can we hang on without a real support from the West, which truly disappoint me (Even Dr. Rice did!), it seems to be politic is way important than Israel itself or the Israeli soldiers and citizens who died in the last war. I don't think the Western media was right about its position about Israel and the Lebanese conflict! I got to say not all, but the most!
Now our Prime Minister will be charged and we might see him on court since he didn't obey the law.
I'm just wondering where U.N stands today, between real U.N to A.N (Arab Nations)?

Israeli soldiers whom left Lebanon today being happy after ruthless war and days in Lebanon.
Wondering how long this smile will hang? Don't ask me, please.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Happy Rosh HaShanah to the Jewish people.

Today, it's new Jewish year, and hopefully - it'd be better than the last year.
If you guys ever wondered what's the significant of dipping an apple a honey, here's the answer expect of that fact it's one of the traditions for our up-coming year.

Dipping apples in honey represents our prayer that the new year should be not only sweet and pleasant, but fruitful spiritually and materially as well. The choice of apples and honey comes from their many associated meanings.

Sadly, Nasrallah has chosen this date for his winning ceremony over the "Zionist enemy".

I'm just wondering if that's not enough to prove for Kofi Anan that Hizbollah has no other meaning except of destroying my nation. But I guess since he has meeting with Ahmedinijad no one would ever take care for my nation - sad!

I don't know when the 2nd round will begin, but who knows? Right?

And of course Ariel Sharon that still is suffering in Hospital since he's paralyzed because of his brain injury.

I got to say that I would miss his smile and he's not deserved to be in this situation.
Maybe he wasn't the best and maybe Yemin people hated him and I don't mind. It's nature of humanity to resist to something that we don't like.
They say then that's a "Punish from god" and I don't think god would do such a thing to such humble person whom trusted his assistants. And yes, he has said that he wouldn't do the pull out but his mind was changed like anyone would if you had the full picture. I don't know what he would say now and I'm sure he could have done better than our current Prime Minister, Mr. Olmert (Who was his deputy).

That's just matter of time till he'll die and when that would happen - it'll be sad.

Ehud Olmert while visiting George W. Bush in the White House.
Ehud Olmert hasn't proven himself yet even while the war he forgot about supplying our army well with food and water. He has a part of what happened in the war and still the poor people in Israel are suffering!

And of course today I've almost forgotten about this.
The pope finally apologizes (3 times) about what he had had said about the Islam and he invited some leaders of the Islam people to the Vatican.

Is he getting weaker or he's just really thinking that he was wrong about what he had said about the Islam. The Pope in Yad Vashem.

And for the Thailand's makeover their PM finally quited (For holiday as he had said) and I'm still waiting for the new leader of Thailand!

All my wish is for a better new year and hopefully something serious would happen to have nicer than the last one!
Amen for that!

The topic above this prayer is "Leshana Tova"(For a good year).
Well Amen to that.

Good day to all except terrorists and Shana Tova!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Thailand's Revolution is on the march?

As we all know what the Army did in Bangkok and maybe, just maybe, Thailand would become a dictatorship country. We'll know who's its leader in the next 2 weeks plus we haven't mentioned their Prime-Minister in New York that declares: "The Army is not the leader of Thailand". And something that's overall amazing. There was not a single shot in this revolution. Furthermore, the Army arrested his deputy (Of the PM).
There are 10,000 Israelis in around Thailand. I'm just wondering how far this revolution will go. Will it end soon? We'll all know in the next 2 weeks I guess.

And now for our "friend" in Iran. The President Ahmedinijad (Or amadjihad, choose your style in prefernces) will give a speech in the U.N console. Just to think that our Prime-Minister, Olmert gave him (Kofi Anan who lets Iran's president to have his speech) a presidential meal and host in Israel. It just makes me to vomit.

Should I add anything else to this picture? It might be 2 red horns near Ahmedinijad's head? ermm, might be an amusing thing to do. One picture worth thousand words? Am I right?

And for the pope that said today that he has a deep appreciation to the Islam. I got to say that since the declaration of Al-Queda's leader (You guys know his name right?) on Religious war against the Christianity

He hasn't apologized yet, and yet he has "big appreciation" to the Islam - what a contradiction man! Anyway, Islam radicals are threatening him after all and that's including our most popular one - Al-Queida.

In a blink of an eye we see how this world is getting worse. Well, I guess we'll never get used to it? Would we?

Good day to all except terrorists!

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Anger Of the Muslims. Neo-Nazi Party

The Pope in a famous position to his crowd.

Like we all know, the Muslims "were insulted" by what the pope spoke out.
He said that Mohamed was saying to spread out his religion with sword (Means killing those till they believe in Allah).
But, like we used to predict, the anger of the Muslims people worldwide was outrageous, furthermore, they were burning Pope's pictures, cartoons, U.S flag (No idea why it was relevant) and of course "protesting" by throwing Molotov Cocktails to Churches worldwide.
As a result of these actions - the Pope wrote an "apologize" to the Muslims people.
But, after 1 day he was explaining what he had said before this letter that he sent.
Now, the Muslims are still not calm and yet we'll see more chaos on streets with our fellows the Christians. I don't know why the Muslims are so arrogant of burning things up, did their Messenger told them to?
I think the Muslims just justified what the Pope has said by doing all this. They gained nothing out of it and they'll never would if they do continue like that. The Pope, although his age - he's not so stupid isn't he?

I hope he'd keep informing his Catholic believers in the right way - and that's really the way so we better wake up.

Now, for another story:

A neo-Nazi party was chosen to the German Parliament yesterday (They got 6% of the voters' vote). Their leader said before he was chosen :(Quote from article)" The leader of Germany's extreme-right National Democratic Party (NPD) told his party's conference here on Saturday that an electoral alliance with another extremist part would help them gain parliamentary representation in two years' time". Sadly it did happen.

I'm just wondering why all those poor and unemployed people would choose the next Hitler. Maybe, those people have still the brainwash on their mind or they just want to revenge Russia.
Most of the voters to this party came from East Germany (Not surprising - sadly).
I just hope they'd kicked out of there as soon as possible. Mike told me that neo-Nazis don't get stronger and breeding like rabbits like the Muslims do. But, they use other method and moreover they succeed.
It seems to be like frustration of the German people became bigger and their PM should wake up as soon as possible to sort the things out. I just can't comment more than this to part that was chosen, it's too sad to true, doesn't?

Good day to all except terrorists(Including Nazis).

Saturday, September 16, 2006

"Loose change 2nd edition" debunks link included.

The link is:
Nearly 3 hours movie (Even less) that rolling the movie of "Loose Change" with subtitles and interrupting of important details the speaker does not mention.
I recommend this to anyone who likes to see deeper than "Loose Change" creators did.
I got to say I'm pretty glad that someone like Mark Iradian (Who have done all this).

Nothing more than to say Bravo for this dude. Really good job!

Enjoy the movie!

Good day to all except terrorists.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

The Montreal College Inferno

Something that really caught my eye is the unbelievable story of what happened at the Dawson college in Montreal, Canada.
I don't know why even while this teenager had shot no one ran away or tried to stop him.
Its just absolute amazing to see how radical teenagers became so violent in the last decade, something must have been going on!

I remember few incidents. In the U.S for example when 2 teenagers (There's a movie about it too) gained a lot of ammunition and many other rifles and then being so heartless to shoot just like that on others.

Well the story I'm telling is way different it's not just 2 teenagers involved and organized it; the police said that it might have been a Mafia hit, furthermore, the local newspaper has discovered a Marijuana garden that the police have found inside of the College.
The police found 5 handguns and two loaded automatic rifles on the premises.

I've found an interesting videos overall about school shooting - you better take a look:

Good day to all except terrorists.

Monday, September 11, 2006

REMEMBER those who died today, 5 years ago....

A police officer stands at attention at Ground Zero during the ceremonies marking the fifth anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York City Sunday, September 10, 2006. White House photo by Eric Draper

Just before I write this article I'll thank to Mike's America for the picture and for the amazing and thrilling flash.

The link for the flash:

Today, 11th September 2006 will remind us 5 years ago what terrifying terror can change our lives forever. For me, as an Israeli resident I'll remember those 2,994 who died while being just in their ordinary day and those who saved others' lives and the risk for nothing for them.
The Heroes of 9/11 there are many; the Americans will cherish them forever and would never forget their efforts just to save others' lives. That day has changed millions of lives in 1 moment of terrifying that many of them would never forget. Despite all the sad and horror, some were celebrating. Those ignorant voices arrived from the Palestinian people from the conflict area, which caused us more confusion.
George W. Bush, the president who took into action to defend America by attacking terrorists cells worldwide and removing the Taliban rule from Afghanistan.
It was the 1st step of Bush and from that moment it seemed to be that he'd do it till he dies. He'd never forgive to those who killed its people and would never forgive for his mistakes before 9/11.
But, sadly, it's all history and now to rebuild our future is to look what we got wrong.
Sadly, 1/3 of the Americans still believe that Bush didn't do anything to prevent this terror attack or even caused it. I just don't know what to say about it.
I'd say that since 9/11 after all the sadness and sharing the pain of U.S fellows - I was glad to see America join to Israel in their fight in terrorism!
The next massacre must be prevented in any chance.
Today we look Islam in different way as we used to be. We thought Islam is religion of peace, but as the time goes and the terror attacks show that we all were wrong about this.
All the radical Islam who causes millions of lives to be attacked by each day in Africa and Iraq can't be in annihilated, but we can minimize them.
The elections in U.S more 2 months will show us whether the America people are still in shock of 9/11 or they'd wisely and continue to fight terror as long as it'll try to demolish you.
You guys would remember just like us (Israel), we wanted peace but the other side didn't. Why? he has other destination for us and that's death and destruction. What would you choose people? Are you going for life or death?

The upcoming war is yet to arrive here, but yet to be proven as right (Previous war).

May god bless America and be strong people, we're doing this for many years.
Remember: To unite against the ones who try to destruct you.

I wrote all the incidents in my own word and spent my own time to those who died, there's nothing much I can do. After all, I'm Israeli resident and I'd never been in America or near the to what used to be as the Twin Towers.

Again, my thanks to Mike's America -
I'm sure he has got a lot to say more than I do.

All the Heros and those who died in 9/11 may R.I.P. I'm united with you by sharing the pain that you guys suffered. LIVE STRONG

Good day to all except terrorists.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Olmert: We must to negotiate with Abo-Mazen.

About 2 weeks since the cease fire in the north.
But while the war in the North stopped, the one on the south still goes on.
Olmert after all of his statements that the Road Map is dead; He still wants to negotiate with terrorists? I don't understand Olmert, really don't.

But 1 thing is certain; Olmert won't hang on for long if he keeps the way of giving the terrorists things they don't deserve. What on Earth makes to Olmert to do that?

I thought the "new Middle-East" would be one without terrorists and no surrender to those who try to demolish you!
Olmert needs to take a good look on Bush and understand to do something in a bit smaller scale and maybe with the help of U.S to really take out those terrorists!


For another subject: In the September 11th we'll all remind the terrifying moments of our Ankle Sam, we'd have the sorrow and the anger despite the happiness to those who live in Gaza and maybe more places around the globe. What U.S.A has done after it? How our view on those terrorists has also been changed?

I hope those 3,000 people didn't die for nothing at that day in September 11th.
May all R.I.P and from here in Israel all I can do is just pray to those who have lost their lives because of some Sonai extremists organization that was built to kill others.

I'm glad that U.S.A has joined to our fight against those terrorists whatever the reason was - it was necessary. For me, Bush is more than a welcome to come here to Israel. Bush's ideology that has changed for good and probably forever since September 11th, Israel will miss Bush.

I'm just waiting till Bush will visit here in Israel to say good bye before he must to give the keys of his country to other person whether Republican or Democrat.

To the fellows in America: Long live America!

Good day to all except terrorists.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yesterday, 34 years ago................

One of the Black September terrorists on the balcony of the Israeli team quarters at the Olympic village.

The Black September group among with PLO people took over Israeli team quarters and took the athletics as hostages in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany.
It was the 1st day of this Munich Massacre and today it's the 2nd and as well I will remind you all this incident.

All the accuared details on Wikipedia:

11 Athletics died eventually and the games were delayed only for 1 day!

The special operation that Israel has done after it is well memorized in the movie Munich. The Mossad did it and that operation was called Wrath of God. It was one of the most daring operations that Israel had ever done!

For more details about this amazing operation:

You must to read everything to understand how extremely that was (The whole operation).

As a result of this operation: Head Quarters of Black September group around Europe were destroyed. As well, Black September after all the assassinations were trying to kill Mossad people and even our Prime Minister at that time Golda Meir that was prevented by the Mossad.

Golda Meir said once: "Those who killed our people in Munich think they'll get away - then they're wrong!"

Even after reading so much about those actions that Mossad did, it's so fascinating that I can read/see again and again.
I wish our Prime Minister had balls to do the same in Lebanon. I guess only women have balls to take into action serious actions against who attacked you.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Monday, September 04, 2006

Back to school, back to routine - finally!

After all the holiday that was destroyed due to war, a bit symbol of life.
It's the first time I'm happy to return to school - sort of relief.
I remember those who gave me the power when I needed:Chas, Mike's America, Alison and more - thanks for that!

Since the war, I was suffering from tiredness that caused due to unprovoked alarms in unknown time. But, hopefully the school will push me back to road of the routine.

My country hasn't done enough yet to recover all the things that been damaged from the war.
Like the most politicians - they talk and talk and in the moment of true - they fail.
The world keeps (Not including U.S) ignoring the global Islamic Fascism that spreading out the continents.
I think the Israeli's government won't hang on for long. I can smell the elections rising up in the next few months like I haven't done before.

That's all what I had to say - for now. I'll keep updating my blog despite the hard work expected from me in my school.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

1.5 Billion Dollars has been donated to Palestinians. & Lebanon

Well details:
500 Millions of dollars has been donated to Palestinians in order to rebuild their territory and to start some projects. The 500 millions of dollars was donated in Stockholm, Sweden.
All this money has been donated within in 2 days!

Well, just to remind you that Kassam Rocket costs around 20-40$ apiece.
Sweden became so naive lately. It was the same story with Arafat (History repeats itself...)
I'm sure this money won't go to Palestinians hands only to terrorists' hands.
Nobody checks where the money goes and as a result 500 millions of dollars to let the terrorists organizations to increase their own ability in hurting my beautiful country - Israel.

1 Billion of dollars was donated to Lebanon!
I'm wondering who checks where it goes and who will "rebuild Lebanon's ruins...".

Inside of Sweden, the Muslims are well known as people who hate Israel and Jewish people.

Wondering why the world doesn't make any donations to Israel except for the U.S (Bolton said the money will go to Israel only and not to Lebanon when terrorists are! - well said!).

Over 50 countries donated the total money to both areas.

The people of Europe (U.K as exception) will wake up one day and when it would happen, It'll be too late.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Friday, September 01, 2006

The sound of Civil War? (In Larger scale?)

Today, In Al-Quaida website was posted a call to the Sonai people to fight the Sha'ai because they are ransom.

And I quote:

" Oh my Sonai brothers, you have no choice but fighting Sha'ai who post themselves as ransom people. Sonai people that would die while fighting those ransom people, will be placed in heaven"
And of course the entite god stuff that I won't post (Well-known I think).
till then the bomb explosions probably will be more often, just today over 200 people injured and over 100 died. Long Live Iraq?

And, a small beautiful film which caught my eye.
Few Americans Soldiers in Iraq called probably for an Air-Strike. Terrorists shoot from this place and the guy that held the camera for all this time, I got to say overreact, but at least it made him happy (Me too). It's very funny to hear all these voices around him. He was there among with his fellows and told that there were terrorists in that building.

You must to see to feel.

The link:

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Look at that brave woman. BLESS HER
for English Subtitles.
I checked it the Hebrew Subtitles one, it's the same translate - well made!
For Hebrew subtitles:

SHE IS VERY SMART WOMAN. She's phycholigist and she's very good. The comments to both links most like "wow, It's rare".
The truth behind Islam by: Wafa Sultan.

Another update of another brave woman:

Her name is Brigitte Gabriel, She lived in Christian area among with Muslims and she tells her own story behind all the rubbles. BLESS HER TOO!
It seems like there's more women with balls in Lebanon than men.

Good day to all except terrorists!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Tomorrow, before 1 year Katrina.....

The disastrous Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast of U.S.A and caused to huge number of people to be homeless, Furthermore and massive damage that this hurricane caused in addition the failure of the Mayor of New-Orleans - Ray Nagin.
What happened since this disaster and horror of many people? After 1 month it's not in the media. I'm wondering if our fellows in U.S have learned something from this disaster? I hope unlike my country - keep blaming each and no solve in reach!

You can find further information (After all I'm not local and I'm not able to gather so much information). In Mike's America Blog:
If you ask where, just pull down your mouse-wheel and see the article: Hurricane Katrina Hysteria and Hezbollah: What's the Connection? <--That's the title Further information regarding this tragedy can be found at :
May all the people who died in this disaster Rest in Peaces.

In the picture you can see New Orleans being flooded after the hurricane's strike.

For other subject. the LBC channel (Lebanese channel)
Put in their channel trailer to the 2 parts movie about the missing pilot Ron Arad (It'll be broadcasted in few days). The link is here, I translated the text by myself.

Broadcast: Tzvi ,Is that the picture of Ron Arad?
The foreign reporter (For Arabs) of this program(Tzvi):
It's very similar, very similar. We know about the letter Ron Arad has
sent through the Red Cross. The picture behind us - is the picture from the trailer. But there's a picture of him with long beard and shirt that wrote on it"Mahowi". And this picture is from the past and Its suitable to this picture here with beard. Broadcaster interrupts: Is that in the same time? Or the pictures we see in the trailer are years after it?(He meant since he was kidnapped)
Tzvi: We don't know, and that's the real quiz. We know it's not while flying, because pilot can't fly with beard. And it seemed he's been through something, it's not while flying for sure. How long is that from the time he's been kidnapped? How long is that from the picture and the letter that his family received? We cannot know. Let me remind, that the Palestinians kidnapped him and brought him to some Palestinian organization and then he was sold/deliver him to some Revolution memberships (I don't know how those 2 organizations are called in English - Sorry).
And from this moment his destiny remained unknown. Picture with bread that has to be after he was captured. End.

Please tell me if you didn't understand something I translated I'd like to fix or answer for that.

The Ron Arad's website that has been made by his family and reward of 10 million$ for any information would lead for his destiny
And about some other persons too....

Good day to all except terrorists.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Kofy Anan keeps showing off his stupidity.

Today, he said he'd let France to lead the UNICEF soldiers in Lebanon. How outrageous could that be?
It's like when Hizbollah would ask UNICEF to leave France will agree and they'll do nothing with that!
France since 1968 is no more something to look for especially when they lick to the Muslims around the globe. France cares only about money and of course it's like bribe not to harm the radical Muslims back. France hardly sent soldiers to the U.N place in Lebanon and I'm not sure that they'd do something about it.
Israel would be a prisoner of UNICEF, France, Iran, Hizbollah and Syria, Is that can be worse?
The French people have bad army that have lost since the Napoleon was in charge till he has loss to Prussia. In the WW1 and WW2 the French Army failed. Hitler got them in 3 weeks he was near the "Victory gate" and the French people were so helpless. Israel and U.S.A should take into action some moves that will remove the up-coming threat on us. WE MUST, It's like now or never and they'll be no other chance to stop it.

Now for something else:
In Poland, some neo-Nazi guy who attacked the main Rabay of Poland the pope visited there, was sent to 2 years in prison. The incident happened in May.
The guy who sent to prison is known as Carol Jay the rabay said that guy told him:Poland for Polish People Then the attacker hit him some punches and spray him with Gas(The one that makes you cry)After the Rabay asked him: Why are you abusing me?
It's not the first time it happens and especially in the graveyard of Jewish people. SHAME!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Dr. Rice WAKE UP!!!

Why you pulled back all of your support? why?
Where's the support you gave us last month? It causes/will cause much problems in the future.
If it continues, Israel will hardly be able to fight.
And where's Bush when he says Israel was right, why stop here when Israel can finish the business?
All I see in Foreign channels is Israel ruined/destroyed/ didn't achieve its goals, Israel had to continue but we stopped to let Dr.Rice have a breath out of the U.N trouble.

Please Dr. Rice, support Israel and you won't regret it, more days/months/years but it'll be worth it!

Good day to all except terrorists!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Did you know?

On August 20th, 1993 (I forgot to add this) the first accord out of few in Oslo (Capital of Norway - it was signed there) Accords was signed between Israel and PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). On this accord was shared:
Yitzhak Rabin (Former Israeli PM at that time), Bill Clinton and Yaser Arafat (Former PLO leader). The people who signed except of those people are: with Mahmoud Abbas signing for the Palestine Liberation Organization and Shimon Peres signing for the State of Israel. Warren Christopher for the United States and Andrei Kozyrev for Russia witnessed it.
The public ceremony was on Washington D.C.
Principles of the Accords:
In essence, the accords call for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank and affirm the Palestinian right to self-government within those areas through the creation of the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian rule would last for a five year interim period during which a permanent agreement would be negotiated (beginning not later than May 1996). Permanent issues such as Jerusalem, refugees, Israeli settlements in the area, security and borders were deliberately excluded from the Accords and left to be decided. The interim self-government was to be granted in phases.
Until a final status accord was established, West Bank and Gaza would be divided into three zones:
Area A - full control of the Palestinian Authority.
Area B - Palestinian civil control, Israeli military control.
Area C - full Israeli control.
Together with the principles the two groups signed Letters of Mutual Recognition - The Israeli government recognized the PLO as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people while the PLO recognized the right of the state of Israel to exist and renounced terrorism, violence and its desire for the destruction of Israel.
The aim of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations is to establish a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority, an elected Council, for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, for a transitional period not exceeding five years, leading to a permanent settlement based on Resolution 242 and Resolution 338, an integral part of the whole peace process.
In order that the Palestinians should govern themselves according to democratic principles, free and general political elections would be held for the Council.
Jurisdiction of the Palestinian Council would cover the West Bank and Gaza Strip, except for issues that would be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations. The two sides viewed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit.
The five-year transitional period would begin with the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho area. Permanent status negotiations would commence as soon as possible between Israel and the Palestinians. The negotiations should cover remaining issues, including: Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, security arrangements, borders, relations and cooperation with other neighbors, and other issues of common interest.
There will be a transfer of authority from the IDF to the authorised Palestinians, concerning education and culture, health, social welfare, direct taxation, and tourism.
The Council would establish a strong police force, while Israel will continue to carry the responsibility for defending against external threats.
An Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation Committee will be established in order to develop and implement in a cooperative manner the programs identified in the protocols.
A redeployment of Israeli military forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip would take place.
The Declaration of Principles would enter into force one month after its signing. All protocols annexed to the Declaration of Principles and the Agreed Minutes pertaining to it, should be regarded as part of it.

Thanks for Wikipedia for this full information!

Well, what happened since then? Everything is known, it just getting worse!
Yitzhak Rabin I can hardly judge him, he contributed a lot to the education here and the life here was growing! Since Yigal Amir assassinated him, the education situation became worse! He increased the budget to education than security one in the first time in Israel.
Hurting the security budget might cause to some problems in 1996 but nothing more!
When Rabin was assassinated on 4th November (7 days before my birthday!), 1995 and all the people of Israel won't forget him especially for his greatness and the leadership he had!

What do you think Oslo Accords, was right or wrong? and why it disappeared so quickly??
And I mean to you all!

Good day to all except terrorists, Take care!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Is that the ring of the 2nd round?

As you all know, Israel sent today Special Forces soldiers (In this case Shayetet-13). The commander died when all the soldiers have completed their mission and was running to into helicopter and then suddenly, Hizbollah terrorists who discovered them at that moment shot them all. Although the commander died the soldiers made it and killed some in the way.
The whole operation was about to discover massive quantity of rockets that was sent from Iran and Syria (Through Syria).
Lebanon declared that Israel has broken the cease-fire agreement and on the other hand Israel declared that the rockets transports is a violation of cease-fire that forced Israel to react!
I must write, I agree with my country, what cease-fire is when you let Hizbollah overcome your own territory and do nothing about it?
Plus, letting Syria and Iran transports their rockets and support to Hizbollah.
This is what happening when 2 Hizbollah ministers are in your parliament, what a shame!
It's like it's all wasted by not disarming Hizbollah and not taking in control the area they you should!

And for another incident that happened in South Israel, 1 Palestinian guy shot 15 bullets on IDF soldiers while he was checking him in the way to Israel. He used pistol 9mm and aimed to places that are not protected. That guy was shot dead by other IDF soldiers near by and although the high alert of the IDF in this territory, it doesn't help when it transforms into action.

For another subject, on Tuesday, It'll be very interesting day.
It's the date that the Prophet Mohammed raised into the sky (By the Muslims' believe) and that's holy day for the Muslims people around the globe, but, on the same day, there'll be a decision against Iran that might cause problem to Israel in the next few days.
What would happen because of it? No one knows or will till it happens that's for sure!

Good day to all except terrorists!

Friday, August 18, 2006

Bush said that: "Everyone will see Hizbollah has lost!"

It seems not realistic for the moment but who am I to judge George W. Bush.
He also said today that France would send more troops to U.N zone, I don't know if to cry or laugh about it - France is starting to lose its own objectives!
Also today, a U.K plan did an emergency land in Italy (It was in its way to Egypt), being covered by 2 F16.
This is getting catastrophic all the fear in the air.

And Russia, uh Russia, Israel protested against Russian's selling weapons to Hizbollah - how pathetic Putin can be? It seems it's all about money and I'm getting very obset about it!
Russia is so measurable that they would sell anything to for money!

One thing I must to add in 20th August will be very interesting day, it's a secret - for now!

Good day to all except terrorists.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

France is not a true ally!

As you all guys have seen, France, after saying that they'll send many troops.
Sent just 400 soldiers, Shirac, the president of France said that he might increase that number later on. I thought that 2 weeks ago France said that it'll send very large number of soldiers to South Lebanon. France also wanted the most the cease-fire and pushed on U.S.A to do it quickly!
I don't know if France is been so influenced by the Muslims after all the chaos they caused them, and knowing that one day it will be worse!
And where's U.N in all this? He'll send some thousands of troops within in a month. Everyone knows that it won't hold for long, does Kofy Anan care?? Think again!

Ow yeah, now to Saloniki where thousands called to Free Palestine (PALESTINE IS FREE!)
And called for denying of the Jewish Holocaust.

And of course, the Jewish communities and the Mayor of Paris condemned about the Iranian exhibition cartoon in Iran. The exhibition of cartoons there is for having the nicest cartoon that discuss the holocaust of the Jewish people and the Nazi rule in Germany in the 30's and 40's.a The Link is here:,,30200-1230988,00.html P.S: How to make this link to 1 word? Thanks for the helping
It's so sad how they can make laugh out of the history - it's such a shame the hate grew that much by encouraging of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. I can't say anything more about it - no excuse will protect this one.

What world I'm about to live? Of hate? Of unstoppable terror? What's my future? Of Hating the other? That's NOT for me - not my style!

People around the world should say NO MORE, WE HAD ENOUGH OF IT!
But, it won't happen, not soon....

Good day to all except terrorists. And once again, please help me with the link thing - thanks

I'm back to routine - for now.

Uh well, the school year will begin in 3rd September instead of 1st.
I don't know what's the reason and I'm sure the war hasn't begun yet!
Hizbollah is back to the South Border (Of Lebanon) and as well the Lebanese people too.
Everyone is busy in rebuild instead of thinking on something that really linked to Israel.
The 2nd round in the war...
Unicef forces will arrive in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks later another group of it.
Most of the families who have left my town came back and my friends are getting used to the new reality.
It sounds funny sometimes, blinding us in the feeling that it's OVER.

Anyway, I'm wondering what my school will do about this war, might as well talk a lot about this war, the horror, the deep feelings and the lost.
It's not easy, but the students don't have much of a choice to split out all of their emotions.
I translated my feelings to the blog I opened not so long ago, the connection that was missing all along regain by this blog. I'm even improving my English and learning a bit what other people think.
It's quite a relief to write whatever I think, to write whatever I see, to write to describe the uncontrollable feelings and of course - to learn out of other people.

Now for a bit sports: Israel 1 Slovenia 1 (Soccer) in a friendly match that was yesterday. Yossi Benayoun scored to Israel in the 80th minute and in the 83th minute Shukalo equalized.
And today, The basketball Israeli team defeated the Belgium in the score 94:63 in a practice match.
You know what I update those stuff? Well, some relief.

There's 1 question remaining: How long the cease-fire will hold? and where's U.N to disarm Hizbollah that doesn't want it. And what about the 2 Israeli soldiers? ermm U.N only talk and talk!

Good day to all except terrorists!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Quote of the week:

"Never, never, never believe any war will be smooth and easy, or that anyone who embarks on the strange voyage can measure the tides and hurricanes he will encounter. The statesman who yields to war fever must realise that once the signal is given, he is no longer the master of policy but the slave of unforeseeable and uncontrollable events." Winston Churchill a former U.K P.M.

Silence of war?

As you all know guys, the cease-fire broke in since 8:00 AM (Israel o'clock).
I've seen that the foreign media didn't say a thing about Hizbollah attacks (Some were prevented).
Hizbollah tried to blow up a truck full of explosives and some 2 air craft (Without guy in it) but all those were prevented. But at 7:25 or 20 A.M (Israel o'clock) the first and the last alarm of the day. It's been quiet but the IDF soldiers still inside trying to keep up with the cease-fire.

In the last Hasan Nasrallah's speech to the media he was saying that Hizbollah had won this war. I don't know what win he declaimes after all so many buildings and citizens suffered just because of him in both sides. He caused more destruction to the people "He protect them".
1 thing to the Lebanese people that waved Hizbollah's flag and pictures of Nasrallah, next time, don't expect Israel to believe you that Hizbollah is not at your place.
Furthermore, don't expect for more mercies!

On T.V (Not Israeli channels) I saw more side of the Lebanese who were suffering and hardly reminding that the other side WAS too.
The media can be such irrelevant thing sometime...
I couldn't believe when I saw it, how could that be?
I think that the rating is more important than the truth - so sad.

I heard today about the interview with the Iranian president that seemed to be suddenly by the media as "not so bad". This Middle-East conflict pushed the blame about cease-fire instead of disarming Hizbollah and the nuclear bombs.
He thinks Israel should be transported to other places in Europe who caused us the suffer of World War 2. He said we (Jewish people) should not pull out our anger on the poor Palestinians people he declaims. But he has forgotten ONE IMPORTANT THING. The Palestinians are refuges from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, we got back to our holy land after 2000 years of suffering and being attacked. The Muslim Prophet even claims it in the holy book of the Muslims. So, The Iranian President needs to learn history after all. Isn't he?

And one more thing I must to put on the note, in
Mike's America blog is definitely something that should give you some view of Muslims not only in your nation. The Muslim faith that became so radical in this decade is quite absurd.
I must say that this is very good blog and I've got to learn about the decorating stuff.

Good day to all except terrorists.

Sunday, August 13, 2006


About 12-13 alarms in my town and near by Haifa.
I don't know how exactly this war will come to its end, but it's definitely failure of U.N not only of Israel. Above 250 rockets landed in Israel unfortunately only injured people.
The Cease-Fire agreement won't hang on for long that's for sure and when Hizbollah is around it's very interesting. The school year is getting by as the time goes by, and there's no sound for real peace!
When the peace will be or it'll be possible to have it? only the time will say.....

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Disappointing of U.N.

It seems in the last 2 days like U.N is in their progress.
I really don't understand how U.N let Hizbollah stays on and stay in this conflict territory. It's stupid, no good thinking by the people who did this draft.
I thought that Hizbollah counted as Terror Organization not one you can trust or negotiate.
Hizbollah wants Cease-Fire because he knows he has no chance vs. IDF.
He knows that his influence on the Lebanese government is bigger than the one outside.
Hizbollah has 2 ministers in the Lebanese government and that's why Hizbollah will use it.
He doesn't like all of the draft but I'm sure Hizbollah won't disarm itself!
Anyway, the most annoying thing in this whole war is THE MEDIA.
Their exact location of what IDF is doing, where, how, what IDF probably will do, why and providing tools to Hizbollah.
So many details that are not needed!
Hizbollah laughs in our face on this. He doesn't need intelligence when he has the Israeli Media and some foreign. WE ARE IN WAR AND THERE IS NO NEED IN DETAILS THAT WOULD HELP THE ENEMY. I think this thing must to be check!
I'm very ashamed of our media - very.
Anyway, in the war there was no winners - only losers. And the big losers is Israel. Hizbollah now will rebuilt and will have more supporters.
Unless something will change, unless....

Friday, August 11, 2006

Very busy day of terrorism....

Well the daily update: 165 rockets were launched towards Israel today, few of them landed in my town in open areas. 2 people died (Mom and her child). Over 20 IDF soldiers died in the last 2 days. 10 alarms totally in my area.

I'm sad that today Israel had an enormous chance of doing hard to damage to Hizbollah since the media were busy in what happening in the U.K. But, Israel delayed the bigger scale operation and that's NOT good. Ceacse-Fire won't help to Israel right now - not at all!

Many people laugh on Israel as we "fail" in South Lebanon again. I mean to those from U.K and U.S that talkback in Israeli websites of news in English or Hebrew. 1st, its not nice and not respectable. 2nd: More soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan died more than all of our wars.

I'm very furious on that - VERY. And for today almost the biggest terrorists attack that avoided by the security services and the Scotland Yard. 10 planes were planned to crash in mid-air. I said that in my last articles about it and you all know it!

Here's a picture one of our IDF soldiers that sent text message (He hasn't told his parents till then that he's going in to Lebanon) before he started move in to Lebanon: Dad, I'm O.K. He died and here's a picture of him:
I hope he didn't die for nothing. His name by the way is Alon Samucha.

Anyway, may him rest in peaces and may his family won't know any other sorrow.
That's sort of thing that really made me amazed by that guy's willing and many others to sacrifice themselves for their own country.

I almost forgot to tell about the guy who sold information about where the rockets landed and other info for drugs. He sold information to some foreign spys (He caught 3 weeks ago although it could not be published yet).

Good day to all except terrorists!

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The big worry is getting true.

Israel's security council has decided to continue and to reinforce the forces in South Lebanon.
15 military soldiers died in the last 24 hours.
I'm very proud of our Foreign Minister in U.N Dani Gilerman. He's very wise and he knows not only how to talk and how to explain what Israel feels - he's really doing it!
I couldn't asked for better one. So bad there's no such a guys like him in our government but this is another story.
The Lebanese government keeps being blockhead. Some Iranian Revolution Army (IRA) has died in the last 48 hours by helping Hizbollah. I'm worried that as long the operations (In Lebanon) will extaend more risky it'll be for me. And that's a harsh decision to make.

Now for another subject - Sports.
Maccabi Haifa has lost to Liverpool 2-1 (Away match) and must to win 1-0 in the next game in order to qualify to the group stage. But that's so sad that Liverpool is made of chickens that afaraid to play far away from war. Too bad for them!
I hope the Sports team won't let its people down!

Look at this paint (Caricature one).
It was pained by Eyal Eilat (HaAretz newspaper or in English The Country).

The Iranian President says: "It's development for purpose of peace". On the Missile( You guys know which kind) he used the well-known sentence Shalom Al Israel (Peace on Israel). But, smartly he used the Shalom (Can be used as peace,hi and Good bye).
So it basiclly says "Good bye to(On -Al) Israel" and by using this missile he can. It was pained few days ago and that's very sad and good one.
Think about it....

Wondering what do you guys think about it and how much this threat can be so real.
Good day to all except terrorists!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

It seems like it's never going to stop.

The 28th or 29th day and not much changed. 2-3 alarms during whole day and some booms and it seems it's getting weaker or we got used to it. Few Israeli soldiers died and some injured and some in critical condition. I don't know if It's going to keep up, after all I got my last year in school and it starts in 9/1/2006. I'd never learned in war conditions but who knows what's going to happen in the next month?!
It's quite sad that nothing had changed and there's nothing I can do about it except of staying with hope to go on till it ends.
I'm very sorrow on the people of Kiryat Shmona who suffer hard in this war. They live in small Bomb Shelters and under heavy rain of rockets and whatever Hizbollah brings. I don't know if I could go on in their condition. The government hardly helped to those poor there that got fired and out of money. The politicians only talk and talk and nothing they do. And I'm more furious about the Arabian parties (Their politicians).
How those guys dare themselves to say we're wrong in this situation? So, to say to Hizbollah: Uh, so cute of you to kidnap 2 Israeli soldiers, we'll sure give you 1000 or 2000 prisoners' right? WE should say to Lebanon, ah, That's our fault and let Hizbollah stay there? UH COME ON GIVE ME A BREAK. I can't believe they are such an ignorants. Do they feel Israeli-Arabians or Palestinians???? they want us to be surrendered to 2 Terror organizations and be destroyed?? We should remove their Israeli ID, and kick them out of the country. They do such a show in our Knesset( Parliament) and call our Security Minister a murderer? They only want an attention. Such a shame( I'm not saying that the others are so good, but still - there's a limit to stupidity or not?).

And think about it....
Good day to all except terrorists.

Sorry that I haven't wrote yesterday.

There was 6 alarms in short period and at least none hit my town.
It was quiet till 5:00 PM. I see the Lebanese Prime Minister cries about his country situation but it seemed that he forgot that it is his fault!
Too bad the that the Lebanese people have such a bad prime minister.
Israel recruits more and more soldiers to the front in both side of the border.
It seems to be like the war has just begun.
I'm very angry at the French government which is kissing to Iran and Syria all time.
The French government doesn't get that there's no possibility with Terror organization that's behind the lines. Well, that's sad. I believe in our soldiers, who had left their families. I hope U.S.A will take an action against Iran and Syria – Hopefully.

I'll update during the day.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

The summary of this week.

As I said, I'm 17 years old from Kiryat Motzkin, Israel. I've forgotten to say that I'm male to those who were thinking about my gender.
Lets first summarize this day.
It was quite unusual, 7 alarms, 4 of them in 1 by 1.
Another 2 rockets landed in my town. It's been quite a routine for the last 3 days.
But it's sad that there's nothing I can do about it. I won't repeat what I said in the last few days.

I can summarize this week as the begin of the war, blood sheet, popularity, madness and all kinds of feelings. It's the fight for the destiny of Israel, It's the fight between Israel and Hizbollah that's supported by some Lebanese, Iranians, Syrians. I know most of the people in those countries want us to beat Hizbollah. I can smell coming up revolutions in those countries too. But who knows what the future planes for me?!

I hope to see more comments about my doubts. Good day to all except the terrorists.

The quote of the week:

"Don't ask what the country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country"
John P. Keneddy. Former U.S president that was assassinated.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

The most terrifying day - TODAY!

That was hell scary today. Many people think that "It'll never hit them", but they'll think when it's getting near. That what happened today's morning.
My father woke me up pretty early ( I hardly sleeped last night), in around 8:20 AM.
We got into the safe-chamber and waited till siren ends and wait few minutes.
But I'd never thought it would be so close. In the 6th time Hizbollah shot into my area, which is called Krayut (5 cities start with Kiryat - I'm living in Kiryat Motzkin). Well so far those Katyusha Rockets hit only Kiryat Ata and Bialik. I'm living very close to Bialik my father and I heard those huge explosions (Scary like hell). We've heard 7 explosions that were so dramitclly strong that some of us almost got into panic. Furthermore, You felt like it's hitting you.
2 Rockets landed 1000-2000 meters from my house, the others landed in the Industry area of Kiryat Bialik.
1 of the rockets that landed near by us caused 10 injured and 1 old lady died (She suffered from heart attack after the rocket landed and the doctors couldn't save her).
This is kind of days that you'll never forget, It might be not last one but it definitely was unforgotten. I've seen the 2 areas while going to some other place and that was a bit shocking but on the other hand it makes you calm a bit.
Well, I hope it'll be the last one - good day ya'll.

I'm a bit frightening from what's about to happen

The war will end someday after all. every war most comes to its end.
It'll happen in the next days/months/years and whatever...
But what's going to happen afterwards - that's a different story.
The recovery of 2 neighbors Lebanon and Israel.
It doesn't matter who got the most damaged - it's the result and nothing else.
The matter of reconstruction of tourism and rebuilt of the things that been damaged while the war. Of course war has some bad things but in almost everything in life - there's something on the other hand. It'll cause the economy step by step to get better.
Will be needed workers and the money will go around and everything finally will be rebuilt.
I will go to school, if the war ends.
It'll be a bit shocking to get back as the life used to be, but it'll all change.
The view, life, vision for future all be define by the war. In this way or other.
I have girl that I love but I hardly seen her since the war and it hurts sometimes because war can be really bad thing to relationship. Many of arguments and a lot of different doubts about the situation or about the future decisions to be. I'll meet her in school when this month will come to its end. To we planned to go to pool after the exams we had and now this war is a really big thing to be dealt with. But this is probably life, you must expect the unexpected and to deal with the new situation what so ever happens. My situation won't be like it used to be. My feelings and my way of thinking too. I hope I'll feel life full again and happy like before - I damn wish! I try to learn French whenever I can and I hope to add another language to my capabilities. Toady there was only 1 alarm and many strong booms (It occurred in 9:10 PM or something like that). But it's not condemning while Keryat Shmona and other cities around being bombed in each day and that's sort of sad. I wish I could have relief but I can't. They live in Bomb Shelters for 23 days and I sleeped and was 3 days in Bomb Shelter and it was getting a bit hard and crowded. I had Playstation there and I played with my neighbors (about my age) but it was temporary and in end of it - It would be boring to play over and over.
I'm willing to Kiryat Shmona people better hope for life. Anyway, I couldn't sleep today and now it's 4.15 AM. I'll try to get a nap - I must to sometime.
Good day and peacful to EVERYBODY (Except terrorists).

Thursday, August 03, 2006

An another frustating day...

3 alarms in short turns and some booms (None of them landed in my town. booms=missiles).
3 IDF soldiers died in South Lebanon, 8 innocent civilians and 50+ injured.
And nearly 100 Katyusha Rockets in Israel.
Wondering what U.N is thinking on....
Cease-Fire would not hold on the situation like my country and I want to!
Iran's president keeps taking U.N as nothing and he's right so far.
His willing is just to kill and that's so sad!
Anyway, I don't have much time to write so I must end and must go to my relatives.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another 2 alerts since the last time I wrote...

8 terrifying booms I have heard. I felt like the house was shaking(which is illusion).
Nothing new in the situation, only trash talk on T.V. It seems like Lebanese people cry and cry and they think we don't feel the same. Something weird I've seen on Sky News. Someone said in T.V that he's against Hizbollah and he wants peace. But he was contradicting himself by waving Hizbollah's flag in some protest. That's sad, isn't?!

Wasting 1 month of my life on being 1 civilian at war...(and the count is ON)

Well, back to "normal".

Today's morning I was awakening by the sound of the alarm. (Or horn, however you want to call it).
It seemed to me like sometimes that the war wouldn't end. I'm watching Sky News to stay up-to-date and of course Israel's National channels. I see the media's view about what's going on, they hardly remind why civilians died in the bombings of our Air Forces.
But it's their work, to cover the ruin, the blood sheet but not the justice!

I hope it was the first and last alarm for today. (Which might be wrong by me to think like that).
Now the silence can be sounded like the horror in other cities near by my own town.
The feeling that something has changed hadn't occurred yet. The continuation of what's going on is not looking good. Hizbollah keeps shooting missiles towards Israel (It seems like the media think they shoot on us flowers...).
I think that most countries(Like France) think about the oil and they don't care about terrorism till it'll reach their backdoor! I remember U.K supporting for peace and not war when Israel were attacked by Terror organizations! Suddenly after the bombing in downtown Train Station they started to realize that it's not what they think.
Sorry for the U.S.A fellas about what I'm about to write right now.
Till 9/11 their government didn't do a thing to justify Israel's actions in Palestine territory. Suddenly like what similar happened in U.K. U.S.A understood that Israel was right about its side in this conflict and suddenly Israel is defending itself and not attacking to make horror!
Like I always say: "Things you can see from here you can't see from there". Till you don't get it, you don't understand what we suffered over the years from the Barbarians in the South.
I remember when Russian bombed Chechynia (Unlike Palestine, they have reason to fight). Russia killed whole town, does anyone care about it? What the U.N did? NOTHING. That horrible happened after Chechnyian group killed over 200 people in the Theatre. And the what Russian did after it and it was NO ACCIDENT. So there's a difference when Human Rights people suddenly appear. Where have they been while so many people die in Africa, Asia, South America while horrors happened there. Why suddenly they come here us to blame?
Where's the justice of their stupidity??
What happened in Quna was sad but no regret. They were warned, they had 3 DAYS.
It shows that they did cooperate with Hizbollah. Hizbollah hided his missiles inside of their buildings and around this town. Did the U.N said something about it? THINK AGAIN, They didn't! Kofy Anan must be eliminated from U.N chiefment. One thing I've got to add: Don't let the snake grow in your backyard and get you in the end. That what happened with Hizbollah and many other organizations.

I have some questions remain:

1. How long the fight would take?
2. Why U.N only blah blah and does nothing?
3. When they'll be some President like Bush with balls to step up against Terorrism?
4. Why U.N excist? It does not help anything about here.

Every comments are welcome. Good day everybody!

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hello, I'm 17 years old from Israel

Hello. I'm from Northen of Israel and living in small town called Kiryat Motzkin(Near by Haifa and Nahariya).
I'd like to say it's horrible why people must suffer because of such little group in both sides of the boarder. We can see Hamas, which is using his people as human shield or same about Hizbollah.
Such small cells cause our problems, BIG problems. Insecure country or something terrifying you because you know its matter of time till the next war (isn't?). I think the main problem of our country that people may think that Israel's goal is to kill Islam. Which is not true AT ALL. We fight to live, we got this country because we were deserved it and we didn't do anything deliberate or some mass killing because we wanted to. We had to in order to survive, after the terrifying years between 1933-1945 something had to change. But lets get back to the main subject, it's our situation.
As you can guys can hear in news Israel is always been shown as the bad side and were shown as "blood thirsty" which is not true.
We were attacked. U.N that should take some areas and the Lebanese Army which was not displayed in the southren boarder caused Hizbollah to grow up and becoming real threat to them and us (Israel and Lebanon). I know the Lebanese people suffer as much as we do everyday, we just have better protection something that the Lebanese government didn't take care at all and it called Neglecting (Of years!). We might have protection but the life is not going on as the last 6 years. Everything has changed we can't get back to the routine. My mother can't work because she can't. She's working at some high building in Haifa of Minhal Karkaei Israel (I don't know how to translate it). And it's not safe so she's not working. Although , today she came for work probably tomorrow she won't (Who hasn't heard of the up coming attack of Israel?).
My father works in safe place near by my town and I don't know the exact details about it.
Those days stopped my routine and caused me to delay my driving lesson teaching and that's such a bad thing for me. All my life stopped and I was sleeping sometimes in Bombs' Shelter or hardly walking out for fresh air. We all want peace. But, The terror organizations it's their work to ruin everything that's been built. I hear about the horror that the Lebanese people is going on with it's sad too. And it's such of same they suffer not because of their fault - Truly sad.
I hope that the 2 Israeli Kidnapped Soldiers will return home, I hope that Hizbollah and Syria and Iran whose support him their regime will be GONE.
To think that Iran was good ally of Israel about 30 years ago, that's amazing how the world changes. Hizbollah tried yesterday to add Syria to the war against us(Israel) by planting some explosives near our patrol. Few things that I would like to ask: 1. Why the Lebanese people say they don't support Hizbollah while in many places they came up with Hizbollah's Flags?
2. Why you guys condemb Israel instead of Hizbollah which caused this situation?
3. Why you guys don't believe we're doing the right thing?
4. Do you care about us????

1 thing I'd like to add is that my willing is to learn French too, I'll be happy with any kind of help. That's all for today, I might update in the evening. Good day and peace you all.