Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Well, back to "normal".

Today's morning I was awakening by the sound of the alarm. (Or horn, however you want to call it).
It seemed to me like sometimes that the war wouldn't end. I'm watching Sky News to stay up-to-date and of course Israel's National channels. I see the media's view about what's going on, they hardly remind why civilians died in the bombings of our Air Forces.
But it's their work, to cover the ruin, the blood sheet but not the justice!

I hope it was the first and last alarm for today. (Which might be wrong by me to think like that).
Now the silence can be sounded like the horror in other cities near by my own town.
The feeling that something has changed hadn't occurred yet. The continuation of what's going on is not looking good. Hizbollah keeps shooting missiles towards Israel (It seems like the media think they shoot on us flowers...).
I think that most countries(Like France) think about the oil and they don't care about terrorism till it'll reach their backdoor! I remember U.K supporting for peace and not war when Israel were attacked by Terror organizations! Suddenly after the bombing in downtown Train Station they started to realize that it's not what they think.
Sorry for the U.S.A fellas about what I'm about to write right now.
Till 9/11 their government didn't do a thing to justify Israel's actions in Palestine territory. Suddenly like what similar happened in U.K. U.S.A understood that Israel was right about its side in this conflict and suddenly Israel is defending itself and not attacking to make horror!
Like I always say: "Things you can see from here you can't see from there". Till you don't get it, you don't understand what we suffered over the years from the Barbarians in the South.
I remember when Russian bombed Chechynia (Unlike Palestine, they have reason to fight). Russia killed whole town, does anyone care about it? What the U.N did? NOTHING. That horrible happened after Chechnyian group killed over 200 people in the Theatre. And the what Russian did after it and it was NO ACCIDENT. So there's a difference when Human Rights people suddenly appear. Where have they been while so many people die in Africa, Asia, South America while horrors happened there. Why suddenly they come here us to blame?
Where's the justice of their stupidity??
What happened in Quna was sad but no regret. They were warned, they had 3 DAYS.
It shows that they did cooperate with Hizbollah. Hizbollah hided his missiles inside of their buildings and around this town. Did the U.N said something about it? THINK AGAIN, They didn't! Kofy Anan must be eliminated from U.N chiefment. One thing I've got to add: Don't let the snake grow in your backyard and get you in the end. That what happened with Hizbollah and many other organizations.

I have some questions remain:

1. How long the fight would take?
2. Why U.N only blah blah and does nothing?
3. When they'll be some President like Bush with balls to step up against Terorrism?
4. Why U.N excist? It does not help anything about here.

Every comments are welcome. Good day everybody!


Blogger Chas said...

You are right in saying that 9/11 changed everthing for America about terror. We in America felt like Israelis when we were attacked. No more Arafat in the White House.

To be fair though Israel has no better friend than The USA and Americans. I am Christian, and I support Israel 100%.

Our problem is that we just can't understand the level of hate of some (all?) of your Arab neighbors. For too long some of us (not me!) believed Arafat when he said land for Palis would bring peace. When Barack gave him 98% of the land he wanted, we thought peace at last. But what Arafat gave Israel was the Intifadas.

I have always liked Bebe! Shalom.

6:30 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Well. Arafat took all money for himself and I don't understand how he's counted as saint in the Palestine region. I don't like Bibi. He's good in talking but nothing else. We have problem about the Israeli-Arabs people in our country. They can't condemn Hizbollah, only saying "we want peace". They make so much trouble in our Knesset. They called Amir Peretz a murderer of innoncent people and interuppted his speech. I'm wondering what they really want. Shalom :-)

10:29 AM  
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