Monday, January 29, 2007

The best city show is now in our presentational core!

Katzav, the "I blame" man who spoke few days ago on T.V about that he's nothing but an "innocent person" and the media judged him way before the results.
I must say that yes, the media maybe isn't glitters of all gold, but still they've made a point about specific thing that proves to be right!
Katzav behavior shows me the stupidity of a person who only reaches for himself.
Katzav hasn't resigned yet and I'm so ashamed that Israel has such an idiotic person in the presentational stage.
Afterwards, a T.V program called "Eretz Nehederet"(A wonderful country) which is a comedy one about our country. It was funny to see how Katzav being imitated and being fooled there.
Against Katzav there were 10 complains from 10 different women and all of them with the same story. "Katzav used to touch my bobbies and my butt" one of the complainers said.


For our neighbors in the north - the Lebanese people. Nasrallah seems to be in control since Israel has left most of the "occupied territory" and although it, Hizbollah keep pushing the blame on. The Iranian supply from the east seems to be too comfort to give up on it.
Shall we prepare to the next war? or shall we say "let it be". I'm really confused from the situation of being bombed again. If Israel attack, it should be once and for all and not in episodes like the last war. The media made a fortune out of their reports!

Israel should make a change inside out in order to have the right way!

Our fellows in America might leave us too soon since the Democrats are being soft on the terrorists. I'm just afraid like in the last way, Israel will have a limited time to complete its objective. I say to do the war, whatever it takes and however it will be - I will support. The only solution of this situation is do a massive army activity! I got to say since the war I began to hate Dr. Condolisa Rice of her contradiction and her actions. America should let Israel win not lose - if you're letting Israel to do the work - let it all be till the end and not to stop after 30-40 days.


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