Saturday, January 06, 2007

Here I am, back to write. Offiacialy! :)

I know I've been missing for quite long, but I'm back and with a joy I'll write :)

Anyway, as young kids and teenager we were told what's right and what's wrong and as well as the behavior we should act.
It sounds so strange sometimes that we were told to something that's quite rare, whether it's the corruption and whether it's the violence out the street.
The educational system in Israel is quite bad and I'm sorry that since Yitzhak Rabin nobody dares to raise the educational budget. I see the violence, the bad language, things that I wouldn't dare to say to my parents - that's really upset me!

I'll be recruited in about 7 months to the Israel's Army(IDF - Israeli Defensive Forces) and I'm wondering what generation will I see? Is that the generation of hate and confusion?
I've been wondering for so long what am I'm going to be in the Army(Probably sort of a driver, I agreed to get Driving License on the budget of the army).
I know people used to say to me: "Hey, look forward, there must been something better going on in this country", yes, there are things but they're few unlike in the 90's!

The New Year opened with another scandal - Tal Pahima's freedom. The one who gave delicate information about our army in specific locations that were secret. She gave delicate information to Zehereya Zbeydi, from "El Aktza" group and the leader of them in Jenin. She was in prison 3 years instead of 8 and the fact that left wing supporters were happy and were celebrating that's reason to worry, a big one.
It reminds me other story with Vanono, the furnace worker in Dimona. Traitors get treated as heroes after being an outlaw(By the "Human rights" organizations and left wings ones of course).

I see the example the adults give today to our children - bad one.
So where is Israel is going? to war or a self-war? or is that the rage is about to shadow our country? I don't see any TRUE man who really cares about where this country is going.

Hey, but I'm still counted as adolescence and many people do think that I don't understand a thing in country management and political stuff, but hey again, who says that those people in Parliament do know? Well, I guess the answer is on the shoulders of our future. Time goes, time pass and splint second of our life will be gone...