Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm a bit frightening from what's about to happen

The war will end someday after all. every war most comes to its end.
It'll happen in the next days/months/years and whatever...
But what's going to happen afterwards - that's a different story.
The recovery of 2 neighbors Lebanon and Israel.
It doesn't matter who got the most damaged - it's the result and nothing else.
The matter of reconstruction of tourism and rebuilt of the things that been damaged while the war. Of course war has some bad things but in almost everything in life - there's something on the other hand. It'll cause the economy step by step to get better.
Will be needed workers and the money will go around and everything finally will be rebuilt.
I will go to school, if the war ends.
It'll be a bit shocking to get back as the life used to be, but it'll all change.
The view, life, vision for future all be define by the war. In this way or other.
I have girl that I love but I hardly seen her since the war and it hurts sometimes because war can be really bad thing to relationship. Many of arguments and a lot of different doubts about the situation or about the future decisions to be. I'll meet her in school when this month will come to its end. To we planned to go to pool after the exams we had and now this war is a really big thing to be dealt with. But this is probably life, you must expect the unexpected and to deal with the new situation what so ever happens. My situation won't be like it used to be. My feelings and my way of thinking too. I hope I'll feel life full again and happy like before - I damn wish! I try to learn French whenever I can and I hope to add another language to my capabilities. Toady there was only 1 alarm and many strong booms (It occurred in 9:10 PM or something like that). But it's not condemning while Keryat Shmona and other cities around being bombed in each day and that's sort of sad. I wish I could have relief but I can't. They live in Bomb Shelters for 23 days and I sleeped and was 3 days in Bomb Shelter and it was getting a bit hard and crowded. I had Playstation there and I played with my neighbors (about my age) but it was temporary and in end of it - It would be boring to play over and over.
I'm willing to Kiryat Shmona people better hope for life. Anyway, I couldn't sleep today and now it's 4.15 AM. I'll try to get a nap - I must to sometime.
Good day and peacful to EVERYBODY (Except terrorists).


Blogger Chas said...

Hello Katalan, I fear for the future because I think the world community is going for "peace" at any price. I wish the IDF would destroy Hizb'allah. That would be true peace.

Reading your posts reminds me of being 17 (in 1976!). Thinking about cars, school, being in love with a girl. You are lucky. You have your whole life in front of you. Make the most of it!!!!

7:20 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

It's all about life. I'll join 27th August 2007 to IDF. I won't be a fighter because of my medical problems(Like Asthma and sort of Allergies). But you right, the life goes on but there's things you can't forget. I'll tell you what in the next post.

7:40 PM  
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