Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Yesterday, 34 years ago................

One of the Black September terrorists on the balcony of the Israeli team quarters at the Olympic village.

The Black September group among with PLO people took over Israeli team quarters and took the athletics as hostages in the Olympic Village in Munich, West Germany.
It was the 1st day of this Munich Massacre and today it's the 2nd and as well I will remind you all this incident.

All the accuared details on Wikipedia:

11 Athletics died eventually and the games were delayed only for 1 day!

The special operation that Israel has done after it is well memorized in the movie Munich. The Mossad did it and that operation was called Wrath of God. It was one of the most daring operations that Israel had ever done!

For more details about this amazing operation:

You must to read everything to understand how extremely that was (The whole operation).

As a result of this operation: Head Quarters of Black September group around Europe were destroyed. As well, Black September after all the assassinations were trying to kill Mossad people and even our Prime Minister at that time Golda Meir that was prevented by the Mossad.

Golda Meir said once: "Those who killed our people in Munich think they'll get away - then they're wrong!"

Even after reading so much about those actions that Mossad did, it's so fascinating that I can read/see again and again.
I wish our Prime Minister had balls to do the same in Lebanon. I guess only women have balls to take into action serious actions against who attacked you.

Good day to all except terrorists!


Blogger imdougandirule said...

Would you learn to speak English already? I can't understand a damn word you're saying. All of the Israelis I know can speak and write a lot better.

As to this post, yes, we all know about the mafia-like way Israel got even. Before you say that I support the terrorists, like you people always do, let me say that I don't necessarily have a problem with this particular situation. When you mess with Israel like that, you must certainly expect an eye for an eye. More recently, it has been much more than an eye for an eye with the Israelis. They take much more nowadays.

11:09 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Well, I quote from Wikipedia something might be wrong with them?
just was asking you if you do.
My English is good and even my English teacher (One of the best in Israel) said so. I'm wondering if you're learning anyway, it seems like you're not.
And yet, you're the only one who didn't understand a thing here.
I'm actually writing better than speaking but that's other subject.

If you support the terrorists I believe this is from ignorance because if you let them control - they'd control you!

Have a good day.

5:48 AM  
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