Monday, August 21, 2006

Did you know?

On August 20th, 1993 (I forgot to add this) the first accord out of few in Oslo (Capital of Norway - it was signed there) Accords was signed between Israel and PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization). On this accord was shared:
Yitzhak Rabin (Former Israeli PM at that time), Bill Clinton and Yaser Arafat (Former PLO leader). The people who signed except of those people are: with Mahmoud Abbas signing for the Palestine Liberation Organization and Shimon Peres signing for the State of Israel. Warren Christopher for the United States and Andrei Kozyrev for Russia witnessed it.
The public ceremony was on Washington D.C.
Principles of the Accords:
In essence, the accords call for the withdrawal of Israeli forces from parts of the Gaza Strip and West Bank and affirm the Palestinian right to self-government within those areas through the creation of the Palestinian Authority. Palestinian rule would last for a five year interim period during which a permanent agreement would be negotiated (beginning not later than May 1996). Permanent issues such as Jerusalem, refugees, Israeli settlements in the area, security and borders were deliberately excluded from the Accords and left to be decided. The interim self-government was to be granted in phases.
Until a final status accord was established, West Bank and Gaza would be divided into three zones:
Area A - full control of the Palestinian Authority.
Area B - Palestinian civil control, Israeli military control.
Area C - full Israeli control.
Together with the principles the two groups signed Letters of Mutual Recognition - The Israeli government recognized the PLO as the legitimate representative of the Palestinian people while the PLO recognized the right of the state of Israel to exist and renounced terrorism, violence and its desire for the destruction of Israel.
The aim of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations is to establish a Palestinian Interim Self-Government Authority, an elected Council, for the Palestinian people in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, for a transitional period not exceeding five years, leading to a permanent settlement based on Resolution 242 and Resolution 338, an integral part of the whole peace process.
In order that the Palestinians should govern themselves according to democratic principles, free and general political elections would be held for the Council.
Jurisdiction of the Palestinian Council would cover the West Bank and Gaza Strip, except for issues that would be negotiated in the permanent status negotiations. The two sides viewed the West Bank and the Gaza Strip as a single territorial unit.
The five-year transitional period would begin with the withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and Jericho area. Permanent status negotiations would commence as soon as possible between Israel and the Palestinians. The negotiations should cover remaining issues, including: Jerusalem, refugees, settlements, security arrangements, borders, relations and cooperation with other neighbors, and other issues of common interest.
There will be a transfer of authority from the IDF to the authorised Palestinians, concerning education and culture, health, social welfare, direct taxation, and tourism.
The Council would establish a strong police force, while Israel will continue to carry the responsibility for defending against external threats.
An Israeli-Palestinian Economic Cooperation Committee will be established in order to develop and implement in a cooperative manner the programs identified in the protocols.
A redeployment of Israeli military forces in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip would take place.
The Declaration of Principles would enter into force one month after its signing. All protocols annexed to the Declaration of Principles and the Agreed Minutes pertaining to it, should be regarded as part of it.

Thanks for Wikipedia for this full information!

Well, what happened since then? Everything is known, it just getting worse!
Yitzhak Rabin I can hardly judge him, he contributed a lot to the education here and the life here was growing! Since Yigal Amir assassinated him, the education situation became worse! He increased the budget to education than security one in the first time in Israel.
Hurting the security budget might cause to some problems in 1996 but nothing more!
When Rabin was assassinated on 4th November (7 days before my birthday!), 1995 and all the people of Israel won't forget him especially for his greatness and the leadership he had!

What do you think Oslo Accords, was right or wrong? and why it disappeared so quickly??
And I mean to you all!

Good day to all except terrorists, Take care!


Blogger Chas said...

Oslo was wrong in that it tried to buy off terrorists with land. The fruits of this poison tree of Oslo now lies on the ground rotting for everyone to see.

I admit, I thought at the time, that if the Palistinians were given land and a government, they would try to build a useful society. However, even though Arafat got 98 % of his demands met, he still started the Intifada. Palis wanting a state next to Israel is a lie. They want it all and you (and me) dead.

6:19 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

First of all: Arafat is dead so screw him :)
Everyone thought like that at that time. Arafat was afraid of Rabin because he knew that if he doesn't do so, he would be dead. Because Rabin although his peacefully was known as something that would "break your bones" if you break the agreement or terrorism us.
The terror in 1994 and 1995 became more rare and so it was safer here till he was assassinated..

12:29 PM  
Blogger Mike's America said...

I have a quote somewhere on Mike's America where a Palestinian terrorist admits how Oslo allowed them the freedom to develop the means to start the Intifada.

Every negotiation has been nothing more than an attempt to weaken Israel.

There's also an older quote of a Hezbollah leader who said something like "we don't want anything from negotiations, we want to kill you."

Yet there are countless useful idiots who think that as long as we are talking or negotiating that every problem can be solved.

But look at WW2. We refused to negotiate with the Germans or Japanese. We defeated them and then told them how to run their country.

Too bad we don't have the guts to do that now.

9:31 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Yes mike, I agree but on the other hand. Israel will have to deal with Iran, Palestinians, Syria and Hizbollah. We can defend ourselves pretty good but to defeat in war to conquer it'll be different story. WE don't have much soldiers and the situation now is way different than the situation in the 50-70. Without support I think Israel will be helpless because no miracle will save you from your own faults. I believe the war is coming but no one is yet to see it. Iran said that they'd be surprise in the next 2-3 days, wondering what surprise. I'm sure they'll keep doing what they did. No one is bothering them. It was the same with Hitler.

1:25 AM  
Blogger BB-Idaho said...

Yitzhak Rabin was an Israeli hero.
He deserved far better.

12:46 AM  
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