Monday, August 28, 2006

Tomorrow, before 1 year Katrina.....

The disastrous Hurricane Katrina strikes the Gulf Coast of U.S.A and caused to huge number of people to be homeless, Furthermore and massive damage that this hurricane caused in addition the failure of the Mayor of New-Orleans - Ray Nagin.
What happened since this disaster and horror of many people? After 1 month it's not in the media. I'm wondering if our fellows in U.S have learned something from this disaster? I hope unlike my country - keep blaming each and no solve in reach!

You can find further information (After all I'm not local and I'm not able to gather so much information). In Mike's America Blog:
If you ask where, just pull down your mouse-wheel and see the article: Hurricane Katrina Hysteria and Hezbollah: What's the Connection? <--That's the title Further information regarding this tragedy can be found at :
May all the people who died in this disaster Rest in Peaces.

In the picture you can see New Orleans being flooded after the hurricane's strike.

For other subject. the LBC channel (Lebanese channel)
Put in their channel trailer to the 2 parts movie about the missing pilot Ron Arad (It'll be broadcasted in few days). The link is here, I translated the text by myself.

Broadcast: Tzvi ,Is that the picture of Ron Arad?
The foreign reporter (For Arabs) of this program(Tzvi):
It's very similar, very similar. We know about the letter Ron Arad has
sent through the Red Cross. The picture behind us - is the picture from the trailer. But there's a picture of him with long beard and shirt that wrote on it"Mahowi". And this picture is from the past and Its suitable to this picture here with beard. Broadcaster interrupts: Is that in the same time? Or the pictures we see in the trailer are years after it?(He meant since he was kidnapped)
Tzvi: We don't know, and that's the real quiz. We know it's not while flying, because pilot can't fly with beard. And it seemed he's been through something, it's not while flying for sure. How long is that from the time he's been kidnapped? How long is that from the picture and the letter that his family received? We cannot know. Let me remind, that the Palestinians kidnapped him and brought him to some Palestinian organization and then he was sold/deliver him to some Revolution memberships (I don't know how those 2 organizations are called in English - Sorry).
And from this moment his destiny remained unknown. Picture with bread that has to be after he was captured. End.

Please tell me if you didn't understand something I translated I'd like to fix or answer for that.

The Ron Arad's website that has been made by his family and reward of 10 million$ for any information would lead for his destiny
And about some other persons too....

Good day to all except terrorists.


Blogger Mike's America said...

That's an interesting story about Ron Arad. I hope he is released along with the other two kidnapped soldiers.

Hezboo leader Nasrallah now admits the war was a mistake but he is still holding on to the kidnapped soldiers.

P.S. The latest hurricane here, Ernesto, looks like no big deal. Probably won't rain enough to water my lawn.

8:25 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Ron Arad was kidnapped in the 70's I think and no one knows where he's. I think that he's dead but his family don't think so. Nobody knows where's Ron Arad or his destiny. Even the Arabs themselves.

4:18 PM  
Blogger imdougandirule said...

blah blah blah, it was the Mike's Amerikkas who left the blacks on top of their roofs and locked others inside the dome and left them to rot.

Don't kid yourself about these people, katalan sars, they may support Israel, but they do not support the Jews. These are tha same people who believe that it is the Jews whom control all the money in the world, the economy, etc. They support Israel for political reasons only - it pisses the Arabs off.

11:21 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Not true.
Doug, you're acting like a criminal rather than a Jew.
I think for saying Support Israel is enough and no need to support all Jews because not all are good.
Doug, I don't know if you were locked at your house top for couple of years.

2:52 PM  
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