Monday, October 02, 2006


It's the 1st article out of few Ben-Dror wrote and it was translated by Israeli man.
No, I didn't translate it but it is all right. The 2nd article from this series will be translated soon by the same guy - and as well be published!
The 1st article with its title is: The world is silent.
The 2nd, which will be published soon by me!
I request to any honorable man to post this link. I'll be glad!
That thing may put some knowledge on others' people hands.

For the original article (1st from the series that Ben-Dror will write) in Hebrew:
For translated article( To English):

For 2nd article in this series (In Hebrew only for now):

Translated link to English:

Good day to all except terrorists!


Blogger Mike's America said...

Saar: Hope you enjoyed your holiday!

It's so very true that all this mass killing of Muslims goes on all around the world with barely anyone doing anything about it.

And it's also true that the people doing it blame all their problems on Israel.

If Israel ceased to exist, these same murderers would just keep on killing.

Another example comes from Thailand, where Buddhist are being murdered by the thousands. None of these people have anything to do with Israel, yet the Muslims kill them anyway.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Sad but true. After the 2nd article will be translated it'd be more amazing to see all the Palestinian side.
And yeah, their Prophet is yet to say to them to "cease".
Muslims seem to be having too many problems with themselves and Iraq is just pure example for that. The fight between Buddhist (REALLY religion of peace, should I say Gandhi?) and the violent one of Islam!
In India the British killed thousands of Buddhists and they didn't fight back, it's not their style. And of course, Nepal is great example of it. Sadly, China is yet to give them independence.

The holiday was a bit disappointment, I had flat tire with my bike but I'm fine and not hurt (Thankfully). Anyway, there's always next year (Unless I'll be in Army).

I hope you'd help me to get this article more popular.

9:32 PM  
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