Sunday, October 01, 2006

Today is Yom Kippur. The holiday & and the war in 73'.

For the holiday:
Today from 17:00 (+2GMT in Israel) till around 18:00 of the next day people won't eat, drink and do something unusual. Some may not allow that to themselves (Like I can't), some may not obey to this Jewish day but everyone with his beliefs. On this day, people can't drive (Unless it's urgent something like emergency services). And of course, our soldiers won't do this because without them - we wouldn't be alive here - today. All the transportation will be stopped except for children whom can't do this thing yet (The minimum age is 13) will drive on their small bikes.
The thing that symbolizes the enterance of this day is of course the sound of the Shofar (It symbolizes its end too).

A portrait from 1878 of people in Synagogue - praying on Kippur day. You can find this picture in Tel Aviv Museum of Art too. For the portrait itself: The artist's self portrait is standing to the right of the seated rabbi, looking outwards. The inscription on the Torah scroll says "Donated in memory of our late honored teacher and rabbi Moshe Gottlieb of blessed memory 1878." The artist has depicted himself and his wife at various stages of life.

Syrian tanks at Israeli anti-tank ditch in the Golan. A tank, hit by Israeli fire, has fallen off one of the two bridges the Syrians laid across the ditch. Another knocked out tank lies in the ditch. To the left is the roadway the Syrians later succeeded in opening through the barrier.

And for the war that occurred in 1973:
It was another usual Yom Kippur on October 26, 1973.
This war was unprovoked by 4 Arab Nations (Jordan, Egypt, Iraq, Syria) and this is why it took us - the Israelis many life!
2,656 killed, 7,250 wounded that was the cost except for the tanks and all the war machines that were destroyed. This war is still well remembered in Israel and this is why it won't happen again!
Furthermore, Israel could avoid all this by listening to the Jordanian king that Arab nations are about to attack him (He joined this war because of pressure on him).
I must recommend on Wikipedia's article that gives full information about this war and I was both enjoyed and sad to read it!

Good day to all except terrorists!


Blogger DMlior said...

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2:32 PM  
Blogger DMlior said...

Fuckin' arabs..
why they hert us in this day?
in the ramada'an month we try not do any harm. but they.. just animals..

BTW. Egept, the gratiest country Israel Have ever fight agains,
realized that we much more good then them and all the things they say and did was because Jordan (Same thing for them) and Syria pushed them to do.
I'm very happy that we are in peace with Jordan and Egept :) lovly countrys. and i hope to visit them after my time in duty.

I'm getting ready to the Yom Kipur now. hope it will goes easly :)

have a nice week.
Lior :)

2:36 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

I hope you'd have an easy Kippur Day. After all, it's not so easy, isn't? :P

Have a nice week too my friend.

10:11 AM  
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