Monday, February 05, 2007

Israel's Kassam protection in 2 years and a half

It's better soon then never I may say...
Rafael(industry) has developed a new Kassam shield for all around people in the South and especially Sderot. The catch is the time - a lot of time.
Olmert has decided to espouse Peretz's offer about this plan and he added:"Within in a 30 months we'll be able to put anywhere this protective shield against Kassam". An security official added that this new technology is not 100% of hitting the rocket, but it's very efficiently and as well its ranges(of the shield) 50 up to 70 kilometers.

A child in a protest of Sderot people and on the sign written "We are tired of Shachar Adom(Which is the name of the alert from rockets fall because when rockets are spotted you will hear "Shachar Adom". It's an old picture, because today it says "Tzeva Adom"(A red color in English) instead in order not to scare so much the kids.
So shall we say soon that they will be protected? Honestly, I don't think so, although the new technology. The best defense I might say is the offense and it's not being used so much.

What a nice people in the picture huh? They give us soooooooooooooo much love(Probably they express it in rockets).


Blogger Mike's America said...

You don't have that much time in the South or the North.

Hamas and Fattah are holding peace talks. Demands are that Israel also reopen "peace" talks with the Pallys. That's always the first sign that war is not far behind.

Next, reports are that the Hezboos are rearming FAST in Lebanon.

Not sure when things will start, but because Democrats in this country and idiots in other countries are trying to weaken the United States, you can bet the muzzies in Iran are going to think "now is the time."

Better make sure your bomb shelter is stocked with supplies.

6:54 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

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6:20 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Don't worry, supply to bomb shelter isn't a problem. Luckly, the big shopping mall in front of my house has a big bomb shelter for buyers.

It's new one and the one next to him is even more secured(There was
a suicide bombing once there).

I don't see the war coming yet, it seems like the leaders are doing currently the "play ball" game, which contains a lot of drama.

However, the game time will be over soon, especially when the building in Jerusalem started - the Arabs are mad due to " desecration" of a holy place such as "El Aktza mosque".

The Palestinians and the Arabs in my country can cry as much as they want - they know the real true behind the brick of walls don't they? Anyway, they started(At least the radicals) to call us "Zionists" we're no longer "human" to them. I would advice them to check a bit in Iraq or in Africa to see their love and share...

Wondering why does anyone thinking of jailing these people who don't count us as a state(I mean to the Radicals in the Jews too). I can't sit back and letting all split out without a bit criticism!

I'd better to be on guard currently.

6:22 PM  
Blogger lior said...

Lol! the last picture... XD

7:11 PM  

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