Thursday, August 10, 2006

The big worry is getting true.

Israel's security council has decided to continue and to reinforce the forces in South Lebanon.
15 military soldiers died in the last 24 hours.
I'm very proud of our Foreign Minister in U.N Dani Gilerman. He's very wise and he knows not only how to talk and how to explain what Israel feels - he's really doing it!
I couldn't asked for better one. So bad there's no such a guys like him in our government but this is another story.
The Lebanese government keeps being blockhead. Some Iranian Revolution Army (IRA) has died in the last 48 hours by helping Hizbollah. I'm worried that as long the operations (In Lebanon) will extaend more risky it'll be for me. And that's a harsh decision to make.

Now for another subject - Sports.
Maccabi Haifa has lost to Liverpool 2-1 (Away match) and must to win 1-0 in the next game in order to qualify to the group stage. But that's so sad that Liverpool is made of chickens that afaraid to play far away from war. Too bad for them!
I hope the Sports team won't let its people down!

Look at this paint (Caricature one).
It was pained by Eyal Eilat (HaAretz newspaper or in English The Country).

The Iranian President says: "It's development for purpose of peace". On the Missile( You guys know which kind) he used the well-known sentence Shalom Al Israel (Peace on Israel). But, smartly he used the Shalom (Can be used as peace,hi and Good bye).
So it basiclly says "Good bye to(On -Al) Israel" and by using this missile he can. It was pained few days ago and that's very sad and good one.
Think about it....

Wondering what do you guys think about it and how much this threat can be so real.
Good day to all except terrorists!


Blogger Chas said...

That is a big story that Iranian soldiers were killed with Hizb'allah, although the media here will ignore it I'm sure.

You're right, this is turning into a big war. As the IDF pushes towards the Litani, the emeny may try to use longer range missles, perhaps to Tel Aviv.

Try to stay safe. My prayers go out to you and Israel.

6:34 AM  
Blogger Alison said...

What do you make of this UN resolution ? Seems unconvincing to me - where is the condition that Hiztballah will be forced to disarm? I was surprised Olmert agreed to this whilslt pushing on in south Lebanon...

Anyway - stay safe

8:32 PM  
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