Thursday, August 17, 2006

I'm back to routine - for now.

Uh well, the school year will begin in 3rd September instead of 1st.
I don't know what's the reason and I'm sure the war hasn't begun yet!
Hizbollah is back to the South Border (Of Lebanon) and as well the Lebanese people too.
Everyone is busy in rebuild instead of thinking on something that really linked to Israel.
The 2nd round in the war...
Unicef forces will arrive in 2 weeks and then 2 weeks later another group of it.
Most of the families who have left my town came back and my friends are getting used to the new reality.
It sounds funny sometimes, blinding us in the feeling that it's OVER.

Anyway, I'm wondering what my school will do about this war, might as well talk a lot about this war, the horror, the deep feelings and the lost.
It's not easy, but the students don't have much of a choice to split out all of their emotions.
I translated my feelings to the blog I opened not so long ago, the connection that was missing all along regain by this blog. I'm even improving my English and learning a bit what other people think.
It's quite a relief to write whatever I think, to write whatever I see, to write to describe the uncontrollable feelings and of course - to learn out of other people.

Now for a bit sports: Israel 1 Slovenia 1 (Soccer) in a friendly match that was yesterday. Yossi Benayoun scored to Israel in the 80th minute and in the 83th minute Shukalo equalized.
And today, The basketball Israeli team defeated the Belgium in the score 94:63 in a practice match.
You know what I update those stuff? Well, some relief.

There's 1 question remaining: How long the cease-fire will hold? and where's U.N to disarm Hizbollah that doesn't want it. And what about the 2 Israeli soldiers? ermm U.N only talk and talk!

Good day to all except terrorists!


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