Friday, August 11, 2006

Very busy day of terrorism....

Well the daily update: 165 rockets were launched towards Israel today, few of them landed in my town in open areas. 2 people died (Mom and her child). Over 20 IDF soldiers died in the last 2 days. 10 alarms totally in my area.

I'm sad that today Israel had an enormous chance of doing hard to damage to Hizbollah since the media were busy in what happening in the U.K. But, Israel delayed the bigger scale operation and that's NOT good. Ceacse-Fire won't help to Israel right now - not at all!

Many people laugh on Israel as we "fail" in South Lebanon again. I mean to those from U.K and U.S that talkback in Israeli websites of news in English or Hebrew. 1st, its not nice and not respectable. 2nd: More soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan died more than all of our wars.

I'm very furious on that - VERY. And for today almost the biggest terrorists attack that avoided by the security services and the Scotland Yard. 10 planes were planned to crash in mid-air. I said that in my last articles about it and you all know it!

Here's a picture one of our IDF soldiers that sent text message (He hasn't told his parents till then that he's going in to Lebanon) before he started move in to Lebanon: Dad, I'm O.K. He died and here's a picture of him:
I hope he didn't die for nothing. His name by the way is Alon Samucha.

Anyway, may him rest in peaces and may his family won't know any other sorrow.
That's sort of thing that really made me amazed by that guy's willing and many others to sacrifice themselves for their own country.

I almost forgot to tell about the guy who sold information about where the rockets landed and other info for drugs. He sold information to some foreign spys (He caught 3 weeks ago although it could not be published yet).

Good day to all except terrorists!


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