Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Silence of war?

As you all know guys, the cease-fire broke in since 8:00 AM (Israel o'clock).
I've seen that the foreign media didn't say a thing about Hizbollah attacks (Some were prevented).
Hizbollah tried to blow up a truck full of explosives and some 2 air craft (Without guy in it) but all those were prevented. But at 7:25 or 20 A.M (Israel o'clock) the first and the last alarm of the day. It's been quiet but the IDF soldiers still inside trying to keep up with the cease-fire.

In the last Hasan Nasrallah's speech to the media he was saying that Hizbollah had won this war. I don't know what win he declaimes after all so many buildings and citizens suffered just because of him in both sides. He caused more destruction to the people "He protect them".
1 thing to the Lebanese people that waved Hizbollah's flag and pictures of Nasrallah, next time, don't expect Israel to believe you that Hizbollah is not at your place.
Furthermore, don't expect for more mercies!

On T.V (Not Israeli channels) I saw more side of the Lebanese who were suffering and hardly reminding that the other side WAS too.
The media can be such irrelevant thing sometime...
I couldn't believe when I saw it, how could that be?
I think that the rating is more important than the truth - so sad.

I heard today about the interview with the Iranian president that seemed to be suddenly by the media as "not so bad". This Middle-East conflict pushed the blame about cease-fire instead of disarming Hizbollah and the nuclear bombs.
He thinks Israel should be transported to other places in Europe who caused us the suffer of World War 2. He said we (Jewish people) should not pull out our anger on the poor Palestinians people he declaims. But he has forgotten ONE IMPORTANT THING. The Palestinians are refuges from Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Iran, Iraq and Syria. Furthermore, we got back to our holy land after 2000 years of suffering and being attacked. The Muslim Prophet even claims it in the holy book of the Muslims. So, The Iranian President needs to learn history after all. Isn't he?

And one more thing I must to put on the note, in http://mikesamerica.blogspot.com/
Mike's America blog is definitely something that should give you some view of Muslims not only in your nation. The Muslim faith that became so radical in this decade is quite absurd.
I must say that this is very good blog and I've got to learn about the decorating stuff.

Good day to all except terrorists.


Blogger El Jefe Maximo said...

Hi. Found your blog through "Mike's America."

Some of us in America, who consider ourselves friends of Israel, think the Olmert government missed the boat. It's hard to tell, but I have the impression that your government dithered a little over what to do about this latest outrage of Hezbollah.

I mean no offense, I wish Israel well...but from the outside, from what I read on the internet, and from the internet versions of Haaretz and Jerusalem Post, it looks like Olmert didn't want to go "the whole hog,' as we would say here, with a ground offensive, and relied overmuch on airpower, only getting serious with ground troops in the last week or so. As we Americans learned in Vietnam, that is often not enough.

Do I have a wrong impression ? If so, please set me straight.

3:13 AM  
Blogger Mike's America said...

Katalan: Thank you for linking to Mike's America.

I'm glad that the ceasefire seems to be holding for now and many of you can get back to your homes and some peace.

But I am concerned that this war is far from over and that the IDF was not permitted to humiliate Hezbollah in a way that would be obvious and prove as a warning to other radical Islamic groups and states.

Just know that whatever happens, the hearts and minds of the American people are with you. That goes for both Jew and Christian. We are your brothers and we will stand with you.

4:59 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Israel stopped because U.S.A was over pressured on the U.N and caused us to stop. U.S.A didn't give support for more days to fight. As I said, I feel the war is far from over too.
There's just a need of Hizbollah to blow the cease-fire and it will continue.
To El Jefe Maximo:
As you probably saw in the last 32 days of war, the media blew up our image of peaceful people. Haaretz is more like peace in any case paper, hardly other opinions.
I wish the Muslim world would give us more support to finish off Hizbollah, but it's not easy as long as there's no full support in Israel. Kofy Anan has failed to bring real stable peace to this place since year of 2000.
It's way different from Vietnam. Once again Israel fights vs. small terror organization not half a country that would sacrifice themselves. The main problem once again is the media that shows only the ruins and the horror instead of saying why. Sad, but we're yet to go to the 2nd round of this war.

6:16 AM  
Blogger Chas said...

Katalan, What are you hearing about Olmert from the people around you? From what I'm reading, there is growing discontent from Israelis over Olmert's timidity to prosecute the war with ground troops early.

Let me echo Mike's statement that Israel has the support of both Jews and Christians in America.

7:32 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

So far no change about him, Israeli people (Most) do believe in what he did so far. He had balls to admit his mistakes. There'll be always Yemin people who will call him to fire even before the war. Count on it if Olmert needs to go to the 2nd round, he'll be ready for that. I used to say: "It's not over till its over". If you mind ready the Qoute Of the Week and understand something simple.

9:32 PM  
Blogger Jeff said...

I am glad that it is over for now,but do believe that most americans firmly support Israel.
we are having our own debate over how serious this terror/islamic threat really is. Unfortunately americans have a short memory as it is almost 5 years since 9/11.
you in Israel live this terror threat almost every day. I wonder how differentit would be in the US
if we had to do the same.
We have to believe that good will always conquer evil in spite of what most of the world press says.
I wish you and your family the best,and you will be in my prayers.

Jeff Sollers
Blakeslee Pa.USA

2:42 AM  
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