Monday, September 18, 2006

The Anger Of the Muslims. Neo-Nazi Party

The Pope in a famous position to his crowd.

Like we all know, the Muslims "were insulted" by what the pope spoke out.
He said that Mohamed was saying to spread out his religion with sword (Means killing those till they believe in Allah).
But, like we used to predict, the anger of the Muslims people worldwide was outrageous, furthermore, they were burning Pope's pictures, cartoons, U.S flag (No idea why it was relevant) and of course "protesting" by throwing Molotov Cocktails to Churches worldwide.
As a result of these actions - the Pope wrote an "apologize" to the Muslims people.
But, after 1 day he was explaining what he had said before this letter that he sent.
Now, the Muslims are still not calm and yet we'll see more chaos on streets with our fellows the Christians. I don't know why the Muslims are so arrogant of burning things up, did their Messenger told them to?
I think the Muslims just justified what the Pope has said by doing all this. They gained nothing out of it and they'll never would if they do continue like that. The Pope, although his age - he's not so stupid isn't he?

I hope he'd keep informing his Catholic believers in the right way - and that's really the way so we better wake up.

Now, for another story:

A neo-Nazi party was chosen to the German Parliament yesterday (They got 6% of the voters' vote). Their leader said before he was chosen :(Quote from article)" The leader of Germany's extreme-right National Democratic Party (NPD) told his party's conference here on Saturday that an electoral alliance with another extremist part would help them gain parliamentary representation in two years' time". Sadly it did happen.

I'm just wondering why all those poor and unemployed people would choose the next Hitler. Maybe, those people have still the brainwash on their mind or they just want to revenge Russia.
Most of the voters to this party came from East Germany (Not surprising - sadly).
I just hope they'd kicked out of there as soon as possible. Mike told me that neo-Nazis don't get stronger and breeding like rabbits like the Muslims do. But, they use other method and moreover they succeed.
It seems to be like frustration of the German people became bigger and their PM should wake up as soon as possible to sort the things out. I just can't comment more than this to part that was chosen, it's too sad to true, doesn't?

Good day to all except terrorists(Including Nazis).


Blogger Chas said...

This thing about Benedict really pisses me off. They're not screaming for the execution of a cartoonist, or an author, but the head of my Roman Catholic Church, who sits on the Throne of St. Peter. The Muslims are being very stupid (again). Now even atheists support His Holiness!

2:48 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

They support him because he's right. I really can't understand the Muslim society as it is today. They're not against killing/burning people or other things. Maybe it's part of their religion they must simulate.

10:14 AM  
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