Friday, September 08, 2006

Olmert: We must to negotiate with Abo-Mazen.

About 2 weeks since the cease fire in the north.
But while the war in the North stopped, the one on the south still goes on.
Olmert after all of his statements that the Road Map is dead; He still wants to negotiate with terrorists? I don't understand Olmert, really don't.

But 1 thing is certain; Olmert won't hang on for long if he keeps the way of giving the terrorists things they don't deserve. What on Earth makes to Olmert to do that?

I thought the "new Middle-East" would be one without terrorists and no surrender to those who try to demolish you!
Olmert needs to take a good look on Bush and understand to do something in a bit smaller scale and maybe with the help of U.S to really take out those terrorists!


For another subject: In the September 11th we'll all remind the terrifying moments of our Ankle Sam, we'd have the sorrow and the anger despite the happiness to those who live in Gaza and maybe more places around the globe. What U.S.A has done after it? How our view on those terrorists has also been changed?

I hope those 3,000 people didn't die for nothing at that day in September 11th.
May all R.I.P and from here in Israel all I can do is just pray to those who have lost their lives because of some Sonai extremists organization that was built to kill others.

I'm glad that U.S.A has joined to our fight against those terrorists whatever the reason was - it was necessary. For me, Bush is more than a welcome to come here to Israel. Bush's ideology that has changed for good and probably forever since September 11th, Israel will miss Bush.

I'm just waiting till Bush will visit here in Israel to say good bye before he must to give the keys of his country to other person whether Republican or Democrat.

To the fellows in America: Long live America!

Good day to all except terrorists.


Blogger Chas said...

Katalan, Thank you for your good wishes for the USA! September 11th is a sad day here, a time to remember the dead and how we must fight to keep our freedom.

6:44 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

You're welcome. I'll post tomorrow post for 9/11 as well.

9:55 PM  
Blogger imdougandirule said...

Wow, even the Israelis politicize 9/11. I guess you feel the need to kiss ass to the nation that supports you the most.

I wonder whatever happened to those 5 Israelis who were caught planting a bomb on the Washington Avenue bridge on 9/11/01 ( Kind of makes you wonder doesn't it?

Hmmm, yes, wonder...

10:32 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Doug, are you comparing 1 incident to many around Iraq ?
Or should I say in our nation too?
I don't know about this incident but thankfully they were caught.
I don't kiss ass, I just feel commitment to those who support me while the war itself and you had never felt how would be you in war.
I'm just glad U.S and the U.K supports Israel with understanding that the terrorism is not a local problem - but a larger scale one that we should protect ourselves from.
Just to remind you who's doing the mass killing in Africa?
Muslims do... and think about it...

Our nation just remind what happened 9/11 and none of the politcians have had talked about it. In almost every nation you could have seen the 9/11 movies.

Just to remind you this is small example of group that been divided to Jihad Islamic, El-Quaeda, Hamas( Black September).
There are extremists in every society but the question whether you support it or against it.

I'm against it and my country is as well. Just put that in your mind that there are Israeli criminal sadly and most of them with drugs dealing (Israel prevents a lot of them - but yet there are some who made it).

Just the final question? Are you comparing 4,224 deaths (overall) to 0?
And think about it...

Have a good day.

8:09 AM  
Blogger imdougandirule said...

The five Israelis had prior knowledge of the attack. How would these Israelis have prior knowledge of a terrorist attack that our own government allegedly had no knowledge of themselves?

You think about that.

p.s. I'm not against Israel. I, too, am a citizen. I, too lost 8 (possibly 12, but can only confirm 8 - 4 others were never seen or heard from again) family members to the Nazi holocaust. I'm for a peaceful solution to the Middle East problem. It is "holy land" to three major world religions, granted our people were there thousands of years before anyone else. However, these republicans who support Israel couldn't care less about the Jews in this country. As far as they are concerned, we should all just go live there. Many of these "conservatives" believe that the Zionists control the "world bank" and use black people to undermine their way of life. It sounds ridiculous, I know, look it up.

They only support Israel because it pisses the Arabs off. It is all political and not because they think it is right to do so. Open your eyes, western countries have dominated the oil production in the Middle East for over 70 years. It is in the best interests of the oil cartels - who have a huge lobby in Washington, though it is behind closed doors - to keep Arab states at odds with each other. Prior to the set up of the state of Israel, there was terrorism in the region, except it was carried out by the Israelis aka the Zionists.

We all have blood on our hands. I say enough is enough. The fighting and "terrorism" will decrease and eventually be non-existent when we stop meddling in the affairs of everyone else. Humanitarian relief is one thing, but that is not what we are doing, nor has it ever been what we have done.

3:23 AM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

Peace can't go on with terror organizations,you may ask Israel thought like you till Hizbollah kidnapped 2 Israeli soldiers.
Sadly till 1993 and 2001 none in U.S knew what's it Al-Quaida. The Western countries control the oil because they have brain and because of the lack of education (Sadly) they don't think much and blow themselves up. The problem starts from deep inside of the Muslim communities that keep letting their children to do those things to themselves. I'd prefer Western countries to control the oil as long as the radicalism keeps rolling!
Fighting terrorism decreases it and look that only 2 Kassam rockets have been launched in average towards Sderot.

11:02 AM  
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