Saturday, August 18, 2007

Israel has returned the fuel supply to Gaza.

After a very dark night in Gaza due to IDF decision not to let fuel flow in from Israel into Gaza and caused the power station in Gaza to stop working(Which caused to non-electricity night).

Something that maybe nobody that noticed is that there were no Kassam shells while that so called "power break". Very interesting and IDF might look twice while this incident.

Another thing that was up this week is try of under mind Arab guy to kill innocent people in the Holy Land near the western wall. He stole a gun from a security guy(He was with another guy) the security guy chased after him and while it the guy managed to shot and he was only(Luckly) injured in the chest. There was a gun fight going on between the terrorist to the other security guy(10 people injured) at the end the security man managed to pull him off and the terrorist was dead. It was all filmed in the security cameras and some claimed for killing corroboration(Claim was rejected after watching the film).

Some people will never get that this struggle is not about territory, but about religion. People today are too careless about others and when it comes to who right they prefer who is stronger....

Sadly, I hardly heard voices against the Muslims massacre in Iraq and Sudan, but who cares?! U.N? Only involves in the Israeli "innocent killings".

The "Palestinians" still lying and everybody ignores, like about 60 years ago - somethings will never change sadly.

I can't say I gave in about my positions and the believe of "someday it will happen" but I can say I'm getting disappointed time after time. It is a truly cruel world.

Nothing more I can add, I will write shortly as soon as I get time to. The spare time is narrow due to work and girlfriend and so on. I will bring pictures of me and others if I do get the time to.

See you next time I will be writing and keep questioning everything in your life!


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