Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Year After The War.........

Well, more than a year and 1 month or two had gone since the 2nd Lebanon War(Or call it whatever you'd like).

What did I learn? What do I think we all should be recognize with? What do I feel afterwards....

I think I have learned a lot more than 12 years in school. You learn about how to deal with anxiety, to see what's your own mental limits, to see a different view you've had so far. The first war that I was brought into was the 1st Golf War which I was 2 and a half years old and my mom and dad told me stories about how was it.

Anyway, I have learned that I got big heart more than I ever thought, the willing to bring happiness to other people, to help, to even be a psychological for small children who had a bit trauma out of the war - to be a friend.
One more important thing is that I will keep with me is the my mental spirit while Katyusha alert or fell - my heart stayed cold and I didn't get into panic and managed only thinking of helping and getting a real responsibility.
I've learned that not everybody hates my country, people recognize it and some support which I managed to contact to people here through the blogs - it was so kind to hear it.
I almost managed to understand the misunderstanding of the worldwide to the delicate situation which Israel is in in front of. I acknowledge the some of the deliberate hate towards Israel just for rating and to satisfy dark ages of governments.

I think we all should be recognized that nothing has changed much since the war, sadly!
Same with the part that this was justified whether the kidnapped soldiers(Not sure they are still alive) were dead or alive - it had to happen sometime. I hope it will turn the IDF into an alert motion.

I feel especially disappointed that never had changed in Israel policy as much as in the foreign one. Still governments take care of their own ass instead of understand the threat that surrounds them. I can also feel proud that I helped to people. I understood that when I'm in an emergency situation I get a "Cold Heart" and managed to control my feelings and take the right decisions and actions - it's something I will take with me whenever I go.

I wish the world wouldn't be like that but I got to stand up on my feet to say that I AM STILL HERE AND ALWAYS WILL STAY!


Blogger Lior said...

hah saar I'm 100% supporting you and I absolutly agree with you in every word :) lets please god to give us a better year when the winning side in the WW3 will be ours :P just kidding.. im in the army i shouldn't talk about it anyway.. hah just wanted to say "hey". so hey and bye bye :)

7:18 PM  
Blogger Katalan Saar said...

See you soon old fellow. I'll talk to you tomorrow :)

2:28 AM  

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