Saturday, September 01, 2007

South Korea have paid ransom to the terrorists.....

Major people in the Taliban have said that South Korea did pay a nice ransom of more than 20 million dollars in order to release 19 passengers that were hijacked.

On the other hand, South Korea denies of course any contact to that. I got to say it's kind of thing you can't avoid of doing. 20 millions USD out of developed country is nothing for 19 passengers. I can be sure that the British journalist who was released, Hamas gained a nice check for that too.

The families of the South Korean people who were hijacked(22 at generally) - crying about the love ones and waiting for any news. AT the end, all of them were happy I can guess.

Anyway, the hijacking things lately going on reminds me other thing. Yasser Arafat in the PLO organization who were hijacking planes as a living....(Gained nice payment for each one you can be sure).

It's the new business in our world today.

Giving terrorists money won't stop the attempts to kidnap and especially won't stop the development of those organizations. The money ideal is just a temporary solution - not long term one. I'd like to say to any government not to give in, better to lose 100 passengers than losing way more by giving ransom. People don't think enough on the further solutions like special forces(Entebbe Operation is just a small example of that, if you guys looking what am I talking about check this out -

Israel should not(and hopefully won't) give away any terrorists for our soldiers, I can assume they are not in the living and even though the pain. The pain will grow as the stupidity and ironically will blow.

Till next time.....


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